Weekend Wonders: Meercat PvP, heirloom contrarianism, overlooking the awesome, and talkin’ tails

Once again, it’s been a bumper weekend of great posts in the blogosphere – is it the winter drawing in that’s making everyone stay inside and write fascinating stuff?

I’m honestly not sure. Regardless, though, we’ve had too many interesting pieces to post just one – so here’s a bumper crop of everything from adorable meercat PvP to questions about the validity of SWTOR’s questing approach:

  • Rades was controversial over the weekend as he argued that people should stop complaining about transmogrification for heirlooms being removed“Disappointment =/= outrage. I know full well these things are not supposed to work this way, so if they get fixed, so be it.”
  • Piercing Shots made a solid case that some of the bloggers concerned about Dragon Soul’s difficulty might have overlooked their own awesome“I can understand Kurn’s disappointment that she’s almost cleared the normals already, but I really think she underestimates the unbalancing effect of her own skill and the skill and teamwork of her guild.”
  • Kill Ten Rats likes the SWTOR quest cinematics, but wonders if it’ll start getting boring to hear dialogue about, well, killing ten rats“I wondered if after twenty hours of listening to “dialogues on rat tails” as different or snappy as they could be written, I would be ready to start skipping all that development time, money, and love. I had in a moment seen through sparkle.”
  • And Cynwise – well, Cynwise became a meercat for the weekend. I don’t think I can come up with a better conclusion to today’s post than to borrow an image from him

(Original non-PvP meercat image from @outbirk on Twitter)

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