Warning: LoTRO’s Slayer Deeds may cause drowsiness or extreme tedium.

Ah, the grind. No matter what the MMO or how hard you try to avoid it, sooner or later you’ll reach a point where the only thing between you and your desired objective is…

About 20,000 dead boars.

Today, it’s LoTRO’s turn to pour the beans and start turning the handle, as Merric from A Casual Stroll To Mordor explains why the apparently-innocent-fun Slayer deeds in the free-to-play MMO have turned his casual stroll into more of an endless trudge

“I started looking at some of the deeds on the list and scratched off items such as Moria’s Arms of the Watcher and Angmar’s Champions of Urugarth (final) due to their (theoretical) time and (possible) group requirements. So, with a plan in mind and my club in hand, I decided first to take on Bree-land’s Sickle-fly Slayer Deed and start on my journey of ranking up my Discipline to 12! I could see my end goal in sight!

And an hour later I was bored to tears and I still hadn’t completed the deed. A half an hour after that my Deed was completed and I was a little frustrated at how long the endeavor took. More than a bit concerned how long it was going to take to actually get to rank 12 of Discipline, let alone 5 other virtues. I then promptly moved my character to the Lone-lands and logged off. Later that weekend I logged in and after running a couple of dungeons with some kinmates I decided to dive into killing Bog-lurkers in the Lone-lands it and utterly hated all one-and-a-half hours of it.”

Merric loves LoTRO, that much is clear, and he does an extremely good job of both laying out the problems and presenting the mitigating factors in this post – a flaming rant it isn’t. But nonetheless, he makes his case extremely well – it would appear that for the end-game LoTRO player looking to experience the top raid content, there’s one hell of a lot of boar-killing in your future.

This is the kind of post that influences the direction of a game’s development – I hope we see change soon.

Have you ground endlessly in LoTRO? Or isn’t it as bad as all that?

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