Quick-read tactics for End Time 5-man – Sylvanas, Tyrande, Baine, Jaina and Murozond – with no-effort auto-copy-paste tactics for party chat

by on December 1, 2011

This is the End, my only friend – or, as the case may be, my bunch of four people I’ve never seen before this LFD run. But don’t worry, this End Time doesn’t have Jim Morrison shouting about incest – just Sylvanas, Jaina, Baine and Tyrande Gone Bad, plus your friendly neighbourhood anagram Murozond, all ready to give out some phat lewts for your 5-man dungeon run in Patch 4.3. And we’ve got the quick-read strategies for each one ready for you – no massive walls-o-text here, just what you need to know.

If there’s someone else in your group who isn’t certain about the tactics either, click in the text box below each boss to auto-select a single line of tactics, checked so it’ll fit into party chat. CTRL+C or Cmd+C on a Mac to copy it, go back into WoW, start Party Chat, and CTRL+V or Cmd+V to paste all the tactics your group needs!

Dungeon Info

You’ll only face two of the four bosses listed here, plus Murozond at the end. Click the golden circle console thingy to be transported to the next area.

Copy-pasteable tactics for Raid Chat (click to select all):

Azure Dragonshrine – Jaina

  • Before the boss: Click all the staff fragments around the outside to activate Jaina.
  • Dodge the frost blades after she blinks away.
  • Someone needs to stand in the fire. Yes, stand in it.
Copy-pasteable tactics for Raid Chat (click to select all):

Emerald Dragonshrine – Tyrande

  • Before the boss: Run into each of the moonbeams that appear, then run into the Dark Moonbeam..
  • Interrupt Stardust and stay out of patches on the ground.
  • Blow CDs at 30%.
Copy-pasteable tactics for Raid Chat (click to select all):

Obsidian Dragonshrine – Baine Bloodhoof

  • Before the boss: CC the Time-Twisted Seer in each group.
  • Boss: Throw totems back at him. Swim to an island if he dumps you in the lava. Tank: Do Not let him touch lava. Blow CDs if he does.
Copy-pasteable tactics for Raid Chat (click to select all):

Ruby Dragonshrine – Sylvanas

  • When the ghouls appear in a circle, everyone including healer dps a single ghoul until it dies, then run over its corpse and away from Sylvanas. Stay out of stuff on the ground.
Copy-pasteable tactics for Raid Chat (click to select all):


The final fight.

  • Assign one ranged to Hourglass. Use Hourglass when ppl’s health is low or ground is covered in AoE.
  • Don’t stand in front of or behind boss unless you’re tank. Tank point boss side-on from hourglass. Blow all damage CDs each time time resets.
Copy-pasteable tactics for Raid Chat (click to select all):

And that’s it!

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