4 early views on Patch 4.3’s raid, “Dragon Soul”

Patch 4.3’s dropped. Dragon Soul – or at least, the first part of it – is ready and waiting to be bashed upon. And as such, reports are starting to flood in.

Initial impressions are that the Raid Finder’s working surprisingly smoothly, and Dragon Soul normal mode is so far not challenging people too much. But let’s dig in some more:

  • Paragon’s blog has an interesting analysis of both general Dragon Soul stats and why the top guilds aren’t clearing Dragon Soul yet“We saw a dramatic spike from about 2000 guilds killing Morchok on the first US-server only day, to around 13000 guilds on the second day.”
  • The Grumpy Elf is rather surprised at just how quickly LFR bosses went down“Raid content is supposed to last. Raid content should not be cleared the first day it comes out in any form, even an easy form, unless you are a hard core raid team.”
  • Arioch at Clearcasting has a personal experience post up along with a few very helpful tips“So this fight makes use of a BUTTON. A button that is not part of your standard button bar, this isn’t a vehicle fight, you get a new button in the middle of your screen, just below your feet. Unless you’re using a bar mod. Then… your button might not be there.”
  • Morynne at Marks-365 is very worried that the content is just too easy“ Having already completed those bosses from the previous evening, I knew the strategies, so I was expecting it to be easier just from a familiarity perspective. I was pretty shocked at how easy the Raid Finder bosses have been turned down in difficulty. In my opinion, too much.”

Do you think that Blizzard have made the Dragon Soul raid too darn easy?