Not Dragon Soul – the WoW Patch 4.3 “Everything Else” Edition

Between the top raider exploit drama, LFR in all its hilarity, and the question of whether Dragon Soul is, in a word, “lol” (aka “too easy”), the rest of WoW Patch 4.3 has rather had the short end of the stick these last few days – at least partially because most of it, well, just kinda works.

So, in the spirit of giving every part of the game a fair shot (and because we’ve seen some excellent posts in the last couple of days), here’s Patch 4.3, the “Now with 100% less raiding” edition!

  • Shintar of Priest With A Cause has been trying out the Darkmoon Faire Island, and has a thorough review available“My first impression of the new Island was actually very positive simply due to the sights evoking pleasant memories. The portal dumps you in a dark forest with scary eyes blinking at you from the bushes, with the faire in the distance, and the whole scenery reminded me a lot of Melee Island in the original Secret of Monkey Island.”
  • Player vs Developer has been on a bit of a rollercoaster with the dungeons, first feeling the difficulty offered a nice choice but later becoming concerned the NPC mechanics would get old fast“The new zones have the kind of extended NPC dialog that gets old after you’ve done it 3+ times each, to say nothing of 7 times per week.”
  • And Blame Squelchy, a blog I’ve just started following, has a truly excellent guide for rogues struggling to stealth through Gilneas for their Legendary“You see, when you jump out of the water, you break stealth for some reason–and I can only assume it’s intended. If the stationary guard is only Distracted and not Sapped, she will net you immediately, and you lose. “

How have you been finding the non-raid parts of Patch 4.3?