Nominate your favourites for The Piggie Awards for MMORPGs – WoW, SWTOR, LoTRO, and others, blogs, blogging and games alike!

It’s time for a bit of history! Long ago, in days of yore when the world was new – or to put it in non-Internet terms, last year – Larisa of the Pink Pigtail Inn ran the latest “Piggie Awards” – her Oscars for the WoW blogosphere.

(MMO Melting Pot won “blogger breakthrough”, which we were thrilled by.)

Later on in the year, Larisa moved on from the MMORPG world to pastures new, and asked if the Melting Pot would be interested in taking the awards over. And, frankly, we were honoured.

And so, the time has come! In a break with tradition, we’ll be announcing the awards in the New Year – a fact which may be somewhat connected to the fact that Rebecca and I have a thousand miles of driving and train travel over Christmas – but we’re going to be taking nominations all over the festive period, finishing on December 31st.

So, let us know your nominations! For obvious reasons, we’re excluding the Melting Pot from nomination in any category, but other than that, feel free to nominate anything appropriate, including sites and games both big and small. This year, we’re expanding the Piggies outward from WoW to MMOs in general – so do nominate things related to any MMORPG, not just WoW, if you feel so inclined!

Feel free to either comment with your noms (mm, noms) below, or send us an email at [email protected] (remove the “nospam” bit). If you’d like to provide supporting argument for your choices, please do!

Winners will get their name in virtual lights, bragging rights, and the right to proudly display the Piggie on their blog as a sign that they are very, very awesome indeed.

The categories

Game elements

  • Best raid instance
  • Least successful raid instance
  • Best small-group instance
  • Least successful small-group instance
  • Most longed for instance
  • Biggest game addition/improvement
  • Best quest
  • Ugliest new piece of outfit
  • Favourite non combat pet

Notes: All of these can include nominations from WoW’s Cataclysm, since last year’s Pink Pigtail Awards mostly didn’t cover Cataclysm and the Shattering. Small-group instance can be anything up to 6 people, raids are 10 people or above. “Longed-for instance” can include ones that aren’t out yet. “Ugliest new piece of outfit” extends Larissa’s “Ugliest Tabard” – you can vote for any item from any MMO, although you may need to provide a picture if you’re voting for something we haven’t seen!


  • Most charming games company employee
  • Best podcast
  • Most memorable blog post
  • Most noticed blogger breakthrough
  • Most solid content provider
  • Most hugged blogger
  • Best writing

Notes: “Best Writing” differs from “Most Solid Content Provider” in that “Most Solid” is the blog you can rely on to deliver something you want to read or can use, whilst “Best Writing” could be relevant, irrelevant, frequent or occasional – but is just beautiful prose.

News and affairs

  • Biggest controversy
  • Most Appreciated Announcement
  • MMORPG Company Of The Year
  • Most “Er… what?” moment in MMOs this year

Notes: “Most Appreciated Announcement” could be from a blog, but will more likely be from a games company. What’s the thing that has been announced this year that most made you sit up and go “Woo!”? The “Er…What?” moment could be an EPIC FAIL or just something… bizarre.

People’s Choice

  • People’s Choice: Blog Post
  • People’s Choice: Games Company.

Notes: These two awards won’t be decided by the MMO Melting Pot judges, but instead by a popular vote. Feel free to nominate something you’ve nominated for one of the other categories too.

Please spread the word so that we get as many great nominations as possible!