LFR Perspectives: Of Anxiety And Class

LFR will go down in MMO history as the topic of conversation this month, and probably for many months to come. Blizzard have done something audacious and arguably crazy here – build a system which matchmakes 25 total strangers in an environment known to be socially hostile to attempt to cooperate at a task. It’s fascinating, it’s sometimes very fun, and it’s often a trainwreck.

Today, we’ve got two perspectives from the “trainwreck” side of things.

Firstly, The Reluctant Raider talks about something that has been concerning several of my guildmates too – the creeping likelihood that LFR will gradually become a mandatory part of guild play, and just what we can do about that

“When I started to hear rumors of the upcoming LFR system, I thought that this was a great idea for the people who work weird schedules or have kids to take care of or just don’t have a guild to run with. However, now that it’s out, I’m seeing more and more of my guildies say “Don’t forget to run LFR this week and get some upgrades!”

Honestly, this has my heart in a vice grip. The idea of going into a group where I know (at the most) 4 or 5 people makes me want to scream and then cry. I have said “I don’t want to go, thank you” but now I’m sitting on the side lines watching my best friends and my husband get their “Fall of Deathwing” and it’s killing me. In our raid group, the only person who doesn’t have “Fall of Deathwing” is me.

Am I bringing my raid group down because I can’t LFR? If I want to progress, do I need to have a panic attack over a video game? I don’t know. “

There are echoes of the Valor Point Capping debate of earlier in the year here, and indeed a meta-debate that has been going on for years now. At what point does our involvement in a social game force us to do something that may be unpleasant or even actively harmful for us? And how can we avoid or mitigate those problems?

Meanwhile, on a lighter note, Aldous the Boozekin raised one gin-soaked wing for a hilarious account of how he internally translates the activity and dialogue of a standard Looking for Raid run – which rather illustrates the Reluctant Raider’s point

“This next gentleman is far too friendly. What a jolly old chap! Not only will he only be harming you once every thirty seconds, but we’re also going to be providing you with a unique ability that will allow you to completely avoid the damage that he attempts to inflict upon you. It’s almost as if this gentleman wants us to defeat him! Far too simple, I say, far too simple.

Well that first attack didn’t go very well. My friends, please remember to activate your special abilities, lest you wish death upon yourselves…

ok LOL seriously? click button it’s not hard.

ugh okay it’s just not worth the heals. HEALERS PLS DON’T HEAL DPS THAT FAILS AT BUTTON

come on guys almost got it gogogogogogogog

uuuuuuuuungh well of course we hit enrage, not enough dps in this group. L2 NOT FAIL NUBS

What’s in LFR’s future? Amusement, nice feature, or horrible trial by fire?