How will you build your character in SWTOR?

In my (admittedly brief) time playing SWTOR so far, one thing I’ve noticed is that the game’s dialog choices, rather like Skyrim’s endless options, really push you toward developing a very definite idea of who your character is. For an old-school roleplayer like myself, that was one of the elements of the game I liked the most – the fact that I ended up with an idea of my character as a person.

Vrykerion of the Land of Odd has been having a similar experience, and today writes a lengthy but very interesting piece exploring the choices his characters have made, and offering some tips for developing your character as a person in SWTOR’s far, far away galaxy –

“ My consular was originally designed to look like Morpheus from the Matrix. Which seemed like a good idea for a Jedi that sought truth and wisdom in ancient relics. However, as soon as those first cut scenes took off, he completely changed gears. The waves of compliments quickly formed in this egotistical Jedi that only cared for his own success. The things the NPCs say to you and how you respond to them, as well as the actually plotline surrounding your character can give you a lot of ideas for fleshing out the details.

My Sith inquisitor’s concept is partially trying to fit the race I wanted with the story I was given, and viola! A twisted and dark incarnation of the Count of Monte Cristo forms in my mind. I would recommend playing to level 4-5 and see if anything strikes you. It takes a short enough time that deleting and re-rolling won’t feel like much of a waste, and you’ll be able to develop a character with an informed decision on where they will be starting out.”

Have you played SWTOR’s beta, and if so, did you find your character forming in your mind as a person, not just a “toon”?