How To Read Deep, Deep Into Your WoW Raid’s Logs

Most WoW players know about World of Logs by now – it’s a fantastic resource, and tremendously useful to get an overview of what’s going on with your raid. But how many of us actually use it at its full potential?

Well, enter Glow of Glow’s Branches. For a while now she’s been writing fantastically detailed posts on how to get incredible detail and information out of World of Logs, and her latest post’s a great example of a task that will be useful to nearly anyone analysing a raid – figuring out exactly why your tanks are dropping dead

“Woah. Okay, so firstly EP is taking more damage on average. I didn’t expect that. I chatted to EP and he mathed it out for me, and just using tanking and cooldown multipliers, warrior tanks WILL take more damage from Impales. But I didn’t ralise this, and it’s really helpful for me for healing the fight.

Secondly, the averages are taking into account all those big hits that killed the tanks…. I need to see the hits that didn’t kill the tanks so I can get a feel for the order of magnitude and the variability.

All the Impales!

To do this I check out the logs themselves, in this case I use the expression editor.

This can be a bit intimidating, as the expression editor is very powerful. But in this case I’m just going to do a simple search on all of the occurrences of the spell “Impale” so I just type that in as below. Case matters, as do the quote marks.

Aannd out are spat three pages of Impale info. I can page through all of that at my leisure, but what I actually did was paste it into a text editor so I can have a play with it.”

Both Johnnie and I are mildly addicted to World of Logs. Neither of us are exactly unfamiliar with the idea of statistical analysis, programming, or math in general. And neither of us would have had the faintest idea how to crunch the data in some of the amazing ways Glow shows us in the post (and her earlier ones ).

Definitely recommended.

Do you use World of Logs analysis in your raids? Does it help you out?