HOW TO: Get 9k Achievement Points in WoW

As regular readers will know, I don’t link to guides on the Pot unless they’re a) unusual subjects and b) really, really good. Well, today a lesser-known blog, Lyraat’s Life Notes, has knocked the ball out of the park with a guide to not just a class or a raid but what could potentially be your entire next year of WoW: a full guide to how to get to 9,000 achievement points, earning one of the rarest achievements in the game, “It’s Over 9,000!”.

He goes through the options category-by-category, and has designed the guide in such a way that it’s approachable for everyone , even if you don’t have a raiding guild behind you. –

“I’m not asking you to complete each and every old world zone. Only zones with fewer than 40 completed quests for the achievement are required. All other zones are optional. All Outland and Northrend zones are still required as are the Cataclysm zones. The path remains the same.

In short, work on other achievements while leveling to 58. Once at 58, head to Outland, quest, quest, quest. Once at 68, head to Northrend, quest, quest, quest. Once 80, head to the Cataclysm zones, quest, quest, quest. Ding 85.

Once at 85, you’ll have plenty to do. I suggest finishing Cataclysm Loremaster within a month after reaching 85 as all of the Cataclysm zones have phasing. Best just to be done with all that. When you have time, go back to Outland and get Outland Loremaster. Repeat for Northrend. Then, when you need things to do, knock off some of the old world zones.

Faster leveling is better than completing each zone. Once at 85 with a 310 mount, low-level zones take 60-90 minutes to complete. Don’t waste time finishing a zone when you can level faster in another. You can return to it later.”

This is a pretty massive undertaking – just like actually getting the 9k points! – and the detail and thought in this guide are impressive. It includes a full spreadsheet of all the achievements needed, as well as a step-by-step “levelling guide” taking your character from level 1 to 9k achievement. Bloody good work.

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