Celebrations at the Pot, and great posts for the weekend

It’s been a fantastic week for MMO blogging – so fantastic, in fact, that there were too many posts to fit into the weekend, and some of them are spilling out into an unusual Saturday feature here on the Pot. So, enjoy!

And on the subject of celebrations – it’s been a massive, epic week for the Melting Pot too. We’ve seen our most-ever visitors on Wednesday – 34,447 people visiting our little site during a single day! And quietly in the middle of all that our “pageviews ever” number shot past the 2,000,000 mark – in fact, as of 18:21 GMT on Friday, we’ve had 2,097,986 pages viewed at the Pot in the year and a half we’ve been around.

I’m absolutely astonished and pleased as punch at how many people visit the Pot every day – thank you all very much for your comments, thoughts, Twitters, retweets, Google Plusses, awesome posts and general support over the last year and a half, and here’s to many more years like them!

Have a great weekend!