And Far, Far Away In Another Direction… SWTOR, group quests, and more

As one life ends, another begins. And Star Wars: The Old Republic is really ramping up to full speed now, with even your humble correspondant now able to get in and start swinging lightsabers around. And as the game goes, so go the blog posts!

Today we’ve got a particular focus on group content, with multiple views on the SWTOR instances as Early Access players start to get to them…

  • Lono at Screaming Monkeys has a really engaging write-up of his first instance experience – I’m itching to get into one myself now – “I love that setup to be honest, it feel a bit more authentic to me. I felt that WoW bosses were too often a matter of simply figuring out the dance and that was it. Swtor bosses in comparison still have some sort of dance element to them but it’s not only that.”
  • Syp at Bio Break also writes up his grouping experience as a healer“For some reason, pulling together a group to tackle these quests just seems to not be a big deal. With all the travel options, getting to where your group is isn’t too difficult, and right now (at least) I’m not seeing a lot of worry about group composition, especially with just planet-based quests.”
  • Tobold, meanwhile, as is his wont, has been learning more about crafting“You might have noticed that I am not looking up the recipes in some database on the internet somewhere. That is deliberate. I think I will have more fun if I discover the recipes for myself, even if that is not the most efficient way.”

Have you tried a SWTOR instance yet?