WoW Patch 5.0 World Event – Theramore is destroyed by the Horde, but what else will happen, why, and to whom?

by on November 3, 2011

It’s time to look to the future. We know that World of Warcraft Patch 5.0 is coming down the pipeline, and we also know that there are some pretty major events planned – Theramore will be destroyed by the Horde, and subsequently a naval battle will end up with us shipwrecked in Pandaria. But there’s a lot more we don’t know. How will this actually impact us as players? What parts of the story will we hear, and what will we just read about? What are the results and the reactions of the Horde vs Alliance battle heating up likely to be, and what will that mean for us in terms of quests, instances, and loot?

A foreword: This article actually comes out of a discussion with Rades of the Orcish Army Knife blog. We’ve been bouncing ideas on what will happen during the transition back and forward for a while, and have ended up writing a pair of complementary posts on the subject. You can read his, focussing on the lore (which as regular readers will know, Rades knows better than anyone, possibly including Chris Metzen) over at Orcish Army Knife.

Meanwhile, over here, I’ll look at the possibilities from the point of view of what Blizzard needs to achieve, and what we’ll actually end up playing through in-game!

Blizzard fans the flames of War with Theramore

We already know that in WoW 5.0, Theramore is destroyed by the Horde.

It’s pretty obvious from the event they’re setting up that Blizzard are serious about bringing the war between Horde and Alliance to a new level. Theramore’s one of the oldest and best-loved of the Alliance settlements, and Jaina Proudmore, its ruler, is a fan-favourite. We’re already seeing from the furious reactions on the forums that this event is going to piss a lot of players off – and that’s obviously exactly what Blizzard are intending.

What’s more interesting is what reaction they’re intending the event to provoke from the Horde players. There are basically two possibilities here – either they’re wanting the Horde to have some level of dismay also, or they’re wanting to stoke the fires of the Horde just as much as the Alliance.

The Theramore attack will be a surprisingly hard sell to many Horde players. Thanks to the fan-fave theorised romance between Thrall and Jaina, as well as the latter’s general popularity (and, let’s be honest, position as the rare Warcraft female leader), Horde players tend to be fond of Jaina and by association Theramore too.

It’s true that in recent years Theramore’s been introduced as the bad guy in the Camp Taraujo massacre – which I’ve not played, but Rades tells me is extremely powerfully written – but nonetheless, I don’t see Blizzard managing to enthuse the Horde players en masse about the prospect of burning Theramore to the ground. Indeed, speaking as a Horde player myself, they’re as likely to be pissed off with Garrosh for screwing up again.

It’s possible that Blizzard are intending the Theramore attack to be the next episode in the ongoing saga of “Garrosh Hellscream – what a tool that guy is”. A full-scale razing of Theramore, almost certainly rousing Jaina to some sort of action and heating up the Horde-Alliance war again would certainly fit well with that. But given that the focus of the next expansion is meant to be “war”, will Blizzard want the Alliance baying for blood whilst the Horde are mostly baying for a leadership referendum?

Unlikely. It’s possible that the Blizzcon announcement that “the next big bad is War” is meant to be quite literal, and the focus will be on the devestation and human (orc/elf/dwarf) cost of the war, but frankly that seems a bit unlikely for the heroic fantasy focus of the Warcraft franchise.

So the most likely possibility is that Blizzard want to get both sides baying for each others’ blood.

And that means that we’re going to be looking at a similar blow to the Horde, probably as a retaliation, but equally possibly as the reason for the Theramore raid.

(A brief side-comment here. Something happening before Theramore would fit with Blizzard’s recent pattern of misdirection, too – remember the “wildly overhyped” comment Tom Chilton made about Mists of Pandaria? Everyone’s assuming that the burning of Theramore will be the initiator of the events of 5.0 – what if it’s the conclusion? What if Garrosh is right – has to happen some time – and he’s actually burning Theramore for a good reason? But I digress.)

Blizzard are going to want to make the Horde as mad as they do the Alliance. And that means we need to start looking for something that they’ll be taking away from the Horde.

What will the Horde lose in 5.0?

In order to get the Horde pissed, Blizzard will need to have the Alliance attack someone or something most players actually like, or want to have around.

There are a bunch of immediate options that spring to mind:

  • As the Horde have taken the Alliance travel hub on Kalimdor, the Alliance could move down and conquer Grom’gol – removing a travel point for the Horde and making the event symmetrical.
  • Jaina could attack Garrosh, perhaps defeating him – maybe even killing him, although that’s not so likely.
  • The Alliance could move against the Horde en masse, capturing capital cities and giving Horde players the feeling of having their backs to the wall.
  • The Alliance could attack a peaceful, undeserving target, infuriating the Horde in turn.

All of these options have problems with them. The first is the easiest and the most symmetrical – it takes something from the Horde, it’s a signal that War is happening. However, it’s also really boring. I don’t know anyone who’s going to be particularly upset if Grom’gol burns – there are no notable NPCs there I can think of, and Stranglethorn’s never been in the running for “favourite WoW zone”.

As for attacking Garrosh – if there was a quest option for this one, Blizzard would have a lot of popular pressure to let Horde players help Jaina finish Garrosh off!

Whilst I like the idea of an attack by Jaina on Garrosh – and it’d certainly be satisfying – it’s not going to annoy the Horde enough. Even if she succeeds in taking the Warchief out, many Horde players are going to be more thankful than upset.

The “Big Damn War” option might work, but the amount of content creation would be prohibitive – changes to all major cities and settlements would be needed in order to sell the idea that the Horde was really in trouble. That’s more budget than Blizzard are likely to want to spend on a world event, judging from previous examples. In addition, the pre-WoTLK “zombies” world event – which Blizzard stopped half-way through due to player complaints – shows that the WoW base really doesn’t like a story event to screw with their gameplay – if flight paths and settlements started disappearing left and right, they’d be facing a lot more complaints than they can handle.

As for the peaceful, undeserving target, there’s an obvious candidate. Many Horde players are very fond of it, it represents the most peaceful of the Horde factions, and there’s no real gameplay reason not to strike at it.

I’m talking about Thunder Bluff.

Will Thunder Bluff burn?

TB’s a perfect target in many ways. Whilst a lot of people retain a lot of fondness for it, like all the capital cities it doesn’t actually retain that much use these days. There’s no pressing gameplay reason that Blizzard can’t mess it up. And it’s close to Theramore – close enough that a retaliatory strike could hit it. There’s a reasonable way it could happen, too – if Garrosh happens to be in TB at the time, an attempt to take him out in revenge for Theramore’s destruction could easily blitz the city and many beloved NPCs by way of collateral damage.

But there’s a problem with this idea, too – logistics.

TB burning makes particular sense if it’s Jaina doing the attacking – mage-fire not being particularly known for its discriminating targetting – but I’d be very surprised if that’s what happens. Jaina has always been written as the consumate peacemaker – whilst it would be a really interesting character turn if something did hit her hard enough to turn her indescriminately vengeful, it’s unlikely to happen.

(Although, see below.)

More likely is the Kul Tiras connection – Jaina’s brother getting irate on her behalf – but Mulgore’s land-locked and the Kul Tiras forces are primarily naval. It’s hard to see how they’d get there to do the razing. Likewise, none of the Alliance forces are particularly close – although it’s interesting to note that Mulgore does have a dwarven presence, and the major problem with getting an army in there is – wait for it – a mountain range.

A dwarven sneak attack? It’s a possibility, and with the Dark Iron involvement, the dwarves are probably the most “sinister” of the Alliance races right now.

Alternatively, possibly with Dwarven aid, this could be the event that kicks off Varian Wrynn’s “trials” plotline where he must gain the trust of the Alliance – gain their trust back, possibly, after doing something Garrosh-level stupid in retaliation for the Theramore assault.

For now, we’ll just have to wait and see what happens. It’s pretty sure that Blizzard are going to do something to attempt to fire the Horde up too – the question is just what.

(Oh, one more mind-bender of an idea. There is one character whose death would immediately have every Horde player up in arms and baying for blood – Thrall. What if a retaliatory strike goes very, very wrong, perhaps as Thrall is attempting to remonstrate with Garrosh, and Jaina ends up killing her old friend by accident?

Let’s face it, it’s not going to happen. The WoW story team are reluctant to kill any character, and Thrall’s their main guy. But damn, it’d be a great story kick-off – and a great way to move the story forward – if it did happen.)

Gameplay – will we get to defend Theramore? Or attack it?

So how is this going to play out in gameplay?

The big question is whether the Theramore raid – and, of course, the subsequent Alliance retaliation – will be in-game, in cutscene, or presented after the event.

A lot of people want to play through the Theramore assault, particularly on the Alliance side. They want a chance to defend their city. Will this happen?

The key question we need to know before we answer that is this – what will the Horde be doing? It’s very unlikely that Blizzard are going to allow the attack to be playable from the Horde side. As previously mentioned, Jaina is a very popular figure, and unless there’s a powerful and direct reason why we as players want to raze the place, a plotline where we as characters assault and burn a (comparatively) peaceful city isn’t likely to be popular. At the same time, they’re unlikely to put a massive amount of developer time into developing an “attack” event that only one side will play – previous examples, like the Battle for Undercity and every previous world event, show that they’re likely to want to reuse as much content for both sides as possible.

However, the defence of the city is likely to be very popular indeed. If Blizzard don’t allow players to defend their beloved Theramore, they’re likely to be facing a repeat of the “ten years later” problem that afflicated Cataclysm. One of the chief problems with the expansion has been the playerbase’s collective disinterest in Deathwing, largely because the Cataclysm was presented as a fait acompli. Given that, and given the massive popularity of events like the Battle for Undercity, it’s hard to see them just updating the world and saying “Oh, yeah, Theramore’s flat now”, unless they really haven’t learned the lessons of the Catalcysm.

So what will happen? Well, there’s a fairly well-established story trope that can serve them well here – the desperate quest through a warzone on a mission not quite related to the war.

So, the Horde attacks Theramore for whatever reason, and the Alliance are busy having a great time defending it. What are the Horde doing?

Perhaps they’re trying to stop Garrosh being a jackass.

We already know there’s considerable division in the Horde ranks. A very plausible plotline for the Horde starts with us meeting with a leader of the Horde who’s more inclined to peace post-Deathwing – Baine Bloodhoof, perhaps. (Or, if you’re following my very unlikely “Thrall dies” theory, Thrall). An “investigation” plotline, similar to the plotlines we saw before Catalcysm, could lead us to the news that Garrosh is planning an attack on Theramore.

Regardless, we end up in the Theramore assault for a different reason – instead of being one of the attackers of a peaceful town, we’re racing against time to try and stop Garrosh before he does something really, really stupid. (As Rades details in his article, the Horde isn’t in nearly a strong enough position right now to restart a full-on war.)

This would give us some powerful gameplay, with a strong emotional connection – the lone messenger attempting to stop a war – and a great “alternate” take on the battle, as we attempt to get through the fighting and to Garrosh without getting too involved.

The only problem here, of course, is that this gameplay doesn’t give us the anger that Blizzard will want to instill in us against the Alliance – at least, not yet. But here’s one off-the-wall theory…

We accompany Baine Bloodhoof through the warzone as he attempts to get to Garrosh and broker a peace before it’s too late. But we do, in fact, get there too late – late enough that we arrive just as Garrosh does something truly over the top.

Here’s a thought – what if we end up in a naval battle because Jaina is now in charge – say, because Tandred Proudmore was in Theramore when the attack happened, and Garrosh kills him? (Perhaps Garrosh is attacking because he fears Kul Tiras’ attacking him – classic dramatic irony.)

If anything’s likely to enrage her, that’ll do it.

So, Jaina sees her brother fall, or something else awful happen – and Baine’s there, right beside Garrosh.

Now we’ve got the final act. We end up in Thunder Bluff. Garrosh and Baine are there. Perhaps Baine’s even getting somewhere with convincing Garrosh that he was wrong. (Gameplay-wise, there’s no reason we couldn’t be involved in the conversation as a hero of the Horde, perhaps even the decider as to whether or not Garrosh is leaning toward repentance.). As we’re there, the Alliance counter-attack.

Either we get to defend TB, or more likely for development budget reasons, this time it plays out in cutscene. Either way, Garrosh escapes – but Baine, who appeared to be in charge of the attack alongside Garrosh, doesn’t. And the Alliance – which could be Jaina in “vengeful archmage” mode, or Varian, or a horde of dwarves – murder him before our eyes and torch the Bluff.

And now, we’ve had a thrilling plotline, and whichever side we’re on, we’re baying for blood.

Cue Mists of Pandaria, a massive naval battle, and Alliance and Horde both ending up shipwrecked (perhaps even stranded? No hearthstone? Please?) on the shores of an unknown continent…

What do you think? Could it play out this way?

Don’t forget to read Rades’ counterpoint to this article too, where he discusses naval logistics, Thrall’s return, and whether the Theramore attack really is Horde favouritism .

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Tesh November 3, 2011 at 9:47 pm

I’m having a hard time seeing TB as a target. If the Alliance is paying attention at all, the Tauren aren’t a threat, either philosophically or militarily. They are a dying people, Cataclysm tells us.

…though that makes them easier to polish off, perhaps.

Still, what I’d *really* like to see is a third playable faction introducing instability. I know, I know, dream on, but really, two faction slips too easily into “tit for tat” silly revenge stories. Three party warfare introduces more chances for miscommunication and mischief. I’m still a bit disappointed that WoW didn’t pick up on *four* faction warfare like they did with WarCraft 3.


The Renaissance Man November 3, 2011 at 10:48 pm

I actually wrote a blog post on this topic last week that sums up my thoughts on this move.

It’s my belief that the decision to use Theramore’s destruction as a plot device is a sign that Blizzard is losing control of their narrative.

I find it extremely unlikely that Thunder Bluff would be destroyed. One of the primary motivators for a lot of the terrain shifts in Cataclysm was evening out the choices of leveling zones between the Alliance and the Horde. Destroying a Capital City would leave a huge imbalance, one that they’ve been working hard to correct.

My greatest fear is that this storyline’s going to end with the Alliance never actually making any significant victories against a Horde which eventually collapses under internal tensions brought about by Thrall’s return. Being bailed out by Green Jesus would pretty much be the final nail in the coffin of the alliance’s tenure as an interesting faction. Blizzard really needs to make them stand on their own here.


Paul November 3, 2011 at 11:50 pm

If they have the horde barbecue some of the devs in effigy, maybe the players would be a bit more enthusiastic.


K. November 4, 2011 at 2:12 am

I still say Varian is going to intentionally withhold/delay aid & info to Theramore because he WANTS full-blown war to happen. This is his “Wag the Worgen” moment to finally sway Jaina to his jingoism and he sees Theramore as a necessary sacrifice.


Kierbuu November 4, 2011 at 2:13 am

I don’t know. Going after TB and Baine right after killing off Cairne and destroying Camp T last expansion? That only makes sense if Blizzard is trying to get most of their Tauren players to quit the game or reroll Pandaren.


Nina November 4, 2011 at 2:17 pm

I just had a thought. One of the disparities that gets Alliance folks upset is that the trolls regained their islands during the leadup to Cataclysm, but Gnomeregan is still an irradiated wasteland. Theramore’s forces still come ashore in Southern Durotar, the Northwatch Keep quests. We have an emotional attachment to those islands now; we liberated them ourselves.

So what if the Kul Tiras forces staged an attack on the troll starting zone? That would ramp up the emotions to a fever pitch, and would send every Hordie off to Theramore, baying for blood.

It would be a damned shame to lose them, because the troll starting area is really well done (Zuni, nooooooo!). But in the interest of the greater story, it would change things up quite heavily.


Elkagorasa November 4, 2011 at 4:49 pm

Instead of TB, I would like to see the Alliance reclaim Lordaeron. Lady Sylvanas has been going a bit rogue lately, building up her armies of scourge (using Lich tech).


Hugh Hancock November 4, 2011 at 5:04 pm

@Nina – I love that idea, yeah. The only problem I can see with it is that Blizz only just revamped the Troll area and might not be up for destroying it again so soon. But the “they attacked the weak!” call is a powerful one.

Thunder Bluff: I agree, I can’t see Blizzard allowing TB to be outright destroyed. (I think I rather misspoke on that subject). However, I can see them allowing it to be badly damaged, key figures killed, and so on – basically getting right what they got wrong with Stormwind.

@Kierbuu – I see your point. Blizzard might have to give something back to the Tauren, and soon – but practically, most Tauren players spend their time in Ogrimmar too. Provided Blizzard noted and realised in their story that the Tauren have indeed had a rough time of it, and had NPCs react appropriately, I think the repeated battering might even strengthen the Tauren experience – particularly if they continue to be peacemakers.


K. November 4, 2011 at 8:19 pm

Here’s a thought…what if the Alliance goes after Tranquillen in response?

I know what you’re thinking. No one cares about the Ghostlands, no one GOES to the Ghostlands anymore. But play it out like this — this part of the expansion, heroes both Horde & Alliance have been asked to fight in ZA by Vol’jin. It’s not far-fetched to then think that the Alliance is now aware of the tension between Vol’jin & Garrosh…not to mention the tension between Garrosh & Sylvannas.

And the rumours that she’s using Val’kyr to replenish her Forsaken.

But why risk a frontal assault on Undercity when it’d be easier to get in through the back door — in Silvermoon? There’s already Night Elf spies in Ghostlands probably passing on information to the Alliance about how sparsely guarded Silvermoon is these days. You cut down Silvermoon, you take out Sylvannas’ only major ally in the Eastern Kingdoms AND you control that nice little teleportation orb to UC’s front door.

But in order to do that, the Alliance need to take out Tranquillen first.


Horde4Life November 6, 2011 at 1:38 am

Yo!!! Its so blatantly obvious!!! Torujo!!! That burned for no real reason, and the south part of one of the SUPER MOST LOVED ZONES FOR HORDE EVER (Barrens) was torn apart, sacked, and It got WAY! too green… Everything in the Barrens is in shambles right now, wouldn’t it be so logical for Garrosh to be like “Yo man, we aint getting enough water from TB water wells here, and we also aint gettin enough trade from Ratchet (the quill boars)! We need to fix dis shizzz!!! *in whispers* and we might as well get revenge on the A($$)llies at the same time…” so he masses up his void rays… err… I mean army and sends them on a ROFL STOMP rampage down the path from Org to the North Barrens to the South Barrens, building (physical) bridges yet burning some other (metaphorical) ones on the way!!! :) FOR SCIENCE!!!… ERR… I MEAN FOR LOGIC!!!… ERR o.O I MEAN THE HORDE!!! *in whispers* “Thats it!”


Boom'jin November 6, 2011 at 2:29 am

Its so obvious! Think about it, Camp-T was already sacked… ton of innocents dead and/ or misplaced… the barrens completely ravaged by quill boars, alliance, centaur, cataclysm effects, and worst of all… SO MUCH GREEN!!! GAH!!! Garrosh knows that the Orcs and Tauren are up in arms about this and he can use it to gain a political advantage + feed his war-lust!

Also why does everyone hate Garrosh so much? If you read the lore (or listen to the Orc opening for Cata.) the Orcs all have a big .>…<.<) to get revenge on the rapists of Torajo…

Now from a player stand point… to get real life Hordies out for blood… hmmm… they could just let those siege tonks or what ever their called that are sitting in that station right out side the dreaded "GREEN ZONE" (the overgrowth) to go over to the Tauren refuge camp and blast more innocents to shizzz, go over to Hunter's Hill (which at the time will be helping a force from Stonetalon kill the alli base down below it… or not… one can dream tho), and perhaps have some North Watch guys sneak out and do the unthinkable… KILL MANKRIK!!! I would skip school, and play WoW off my laptop all day every day trying to burn SW, IF and the biga$$ tree (no one cares about the broken spaceship!) if they killed Mankrik… so would the YouTuber WoWCrendor… but any ways…

Horde is already ripe for angering… their miffed but not quite "lets go burn Theramore lol" lvl yet. there are many many options for Bliz to take, I just hope they pick the right one… or at least not a bad one…
(P.S. if Bain backs up an assult Vol'jin might just go for it… peer pressure and all)


Hugh Hancock November 7, 2011 at 11:03 am

@K. – Interesting idea! My one question – does the Horde playerbase actually have enough attachment to Tranquillen to care?

I’m honestly not sure. I have fond memories of the place, but I know opinions of the Blood Elf starting zone vary widely.

@Boom’jin – Hmm, interesting idea. I’m not sure if you were joking or not, but actually, if the Alliance took out a bunch of well-loved but not plot-important NPCs like Mankrik, provided Blizzard handled it in the right way, I can see that getting the Horde riled up, indeed!


K. November 7, 2011 at 3:23 pm

@Hugh — I figure perceived player apathy could be the perfect meta-reason WHY to attack Tranquillen in response, since the Alliance could think Garrosh doesn’t think it worthy of any attention and would be easy pickings on the way to SMC. But then you have the one-two punch of Sylvannas & Lore’themar (he gets to do something finally!) pressuring the Warchief about how committed he actually is to “Horde unity” (“You’ll avenge Taurajo but not us?! Tranquillen was just as innocent as them!”).


Trev November 29, 2011 at 11:31 pm

The razing might just lead to a possible quest line to restore the port town through a series of phasing that adds significant storyline and feelings of ‘I’m Alliance, I’m doing something with impact!’ that has been sorely missing. With that possibility you get your flamings of war with a series of loss while at the same time keeping that flame of World PvP strong if not strengthening it. It might come at a Garrosh blunder or a foolish attack by Jaina’s brother on Crossroads or Ogrimmar to get the Horde into the fight…if memory serves Crossroads is rather beloved by the Horde as much as they come to defend it…or did in the past.


Hugh Hancock November 30, 2011 at 5:35 pm

@Trev – Ooh, that’s a nice idea. I love the thought of a “rebuilding” storyline – and it’d get the Alliance’s blood up nicely too. Here’s hoping.

For even more bonus points – could the rebuilding be server-wide, a la Isle of Quel’danas?


Philip December 4, 2011 at 1:27 am

I’ve read a lot about Mankrik, Baine and Vol’jin getting involved here, what about Saurfang?
His appearance in ICC after the death of his son made sad pandas out of both Horde & Alliance players, he’s the brother of Broxigar (damn you Blizzard for not putting him in the WoE dungeon!) and a friend of Garrosh’s father, also having drunk Mannoroth’s blood.
He also seems to have the same status as the Tauren in the way of being cautious and peaceful if it’s possible and is (I guess) liked by both Alliance & Horde.
This would definitely prevent yet another blow to the Tauren and instead generate some more focus toward the orcs & Orgrimmar (Orgrimmar is pretty reachable by sea, making the earlier mentioned Kul Tiras involvement somewhat more likely) instead of Thunder Bluff.


Boom'jin December 18, 2011 at 6:51 pm

@Hugh Hancock – … You sort of got what I was saying right… I was trying to say, the alliance seems to be more cold <3-ed, and well… more like the Demon Blood Crazed Orcs that their fathers, and Grand Fathers fought! In all truth the Alliance ARE the evil faction… look at the "Burial Rights" quest in Camp-T… every one there who is dead was not a real military threat. So… I think were pissed off enough as is :D


Nuadha January 11, 2012 at 5:17 am

I see the alliance taking back Stromgarde in response, I know that may seem like wtf? but hey remember this was the capitol of the Arathor empire of which Stormwind was a part of. It re establishes a foothold in Arathi, positions the alliance to better lay siege to Undercity and march into Gilneas. How is it related to Theramore? it isnt really, but if one is going to wage war over seas its best to strengthen what you have in the eastern kingdoms and grow your forces where you already have a strong presence before setting sail across Azeroth JMO


Deltaman January 16, 2012 at 8:49 pm

Shit even if the Blood elves will return to the alliance and the forsaken be crushed to be returned to human form. the War will still be tied Alliance lose every battle I think the only one they won was the Shatterspear Vale since Swamp of sorrows campaign is still foggy.


Nonesense January 20, 2012 at 11:39 am

I say theramore will simply be another PvP Area called ruins of theramore..


Vic Van Meter January 23, 2012 at 5:43 am

Blizzard hasn’t learned anything from the loss of about a million subscribers since Cataclysm. When you’re seeing problems in your basement, you check the foundation. If they should have learned anything at all, the fact that they’re going to level Theramore proves they didn’t learn a thing.

I’ve probably been one of the few people who uses Theramore quite a bit. I level a lot of low-level characters and having an Alliance hub with my class and profession trainers in lower Kalimdor meant not having to fly all the way to Darnassus.

All this will do, in the long term, is reinforce the major cities as hubs. Making sure you can do nearly everything without leaving the comfort of home is why world PVP is basically dead, few are taking the time to explore all the new content, and the game has lost much of its epic feel. By instituting LFG, remote BG entering, and other time saving devices, Blizzard has effectively turned WoW into Phantasy Star. Queue up, mess around until the queue pops up, do the level, requeue, rinse and repeat.

If their major problem is that the rest of the world lacks meaning and everyone is actually getting bored of sitting in cities or visiting the same old daily hubs, precisely what is accomplished by destroying one of the high-potential non-major hubs? That’s basically blowing up a potential answer to your major weakness and in turn reinforcing the weakness.

It’s not going to make us all rabidly anti-[insert enemy faction] for the obvious reason above. The Horde isn’t destroying Theramore. The developers are. While blowing up Theramore is unlikely to draw players back into Warcraft, it’s very likely to be the final straw for current players. This is, unquestionably, a horrible mistake on Blizzard’s part.


teraurel January 24, 2012 at 10:00 am

Where did you learn about this? Email me. I think your pretty much right their giving into the “noob” players and the “lazy”, the game has gotten lax and in many ways boring I left for about 5 months to come back with DS out prior to that FL just came out and already nobody is out in Hyjal doing dailies anymore so that was about a waste of time. New things shouldnt be insitituted so quickly in my opinion. I miss kara….


rob March 2, 2012 at 3:30 am

Apparantly the author didnt read cataclysm and the buddy buddy relationship Baine, Anduin, and Jaina created. TB will never happen.


tzarius78 April 17, 2012 at 4:29 am

I would like to see where Jana brings Thrall back and Garrosh attacks him while he is in Theramore. Jana dies in Thralls arms and he goes nuts and kills Garrosh.


Barstok July 10, 2012 at 1:26 pm

High time we took back Lorderon!


Thymestalker August 3, 2012 at 6:34 am

Might I suggest a For The Horde AND Alliance to end the life of Garrosh Hellscream? And so long as you’re sacking cities, how about the Exodar? On all the servers I’ve been on, hardly anyone ever goes there. And how about adding gnome druids and tauren rogues


Anon August 4, 2012 at 6:16 pm

What if… Anduin is visiting Jaina when Garrosh arranges a raid on Theramore to get hold of some magical artefact in her posession. They are intercepted and a battle erupts. The artefact is stolen, the city destroyed and Garrosh’s troops take Anduin hostage. A huge naval and air battle results when news reaches Stormwind and the survivors end up in a storm which lands them in Pandaria. So now Garrosh wants his artefact and Varain his son, both are missing….they find a new Island and both sides try to claim it.


Pittmonkey August 17, 2012 at 6:59 am

Good theory, Jaina dies. brother seeks vengance.


For the horde August 23, 2012 at 2:00 am

who do horde love the most??????? its so easly obviouse Kill off thrall make the Alliance capture him in theremore and and make a rogue alliance soldier kill him with out permission. just before horde try to rescue him….. horde see him dead, lay waste to the island, jaina ports in see thrall dead and her City in ruins…. and fucks everthing up…….

sorry for bad spellingz


cindsi August 24, 2012 at 10:05 pm

So cut scene from LFR yesterday: Dragon aspects pat Aggra’s tummy and Thrall has a shocked look on his face….


Lyco October 24, 2012 at 8:14 am

Funny to read this now. The odd thing surprisingly right, the rest, well just too damn good to even compare to what Blizz actually did.

The Theramore’s Fall is the worst scenario of all and was a terrible introduction to the new format of scenarios. The scenarios added with MoP have all been excellent while Theramore’s Fall, 90 versions and all, is just so flat and meh. They tried to appease those casual players who don’t really care for cut scenes and story but ended up going too far and pissing off those of us that actually like out gameplay with logical story. They took the easy root. Garrosh cowardly mana bombs Theramore, what a douche. The alliance replies with…what exactly?

Oh and I noticed how you theorized that someone important could be taken out during Theramore’s attack, someone that would enrage Jaina. Well it wasn’t her brother like you mentioned but Rhonin, so it had the same effect. I don’t believe it made it into the game but I know in the novel Jaina went on a vegeful trip to Org before being swayed.

My only hope with Garrosh’s storyline is they don’t go the whole lazy hog and have it turn out to be some sort of corruption or mind control. Considering the meh way they’ve already been setting him up for a smack down can we please just have it turn out that he’s an idiot. And NOT old gods or Sha or one of the other bad things. We’ve had enough of that. Two of Warcraft’s biggest characters (Deathwing and Ol’ Sargy) were corrupted in some way.

And speaking of Sargy, anyone seen the Black Prince story line :P


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