WoW Patch 4.3: Quick-Start Guides for EVERY spec and class

Stagger, stagger, Patch 4.3, mutter, mutter, thud.

Long-term readers may well remember that about six months ago I half-killed myself attempting to write guides for every single spec and class for Patch 4.2. Well, I’ve done it again.

You’ll probably know that it has historically been rather hard to find information for many classes after a WoW patch, and often for weeks to come. Some classes have information, but it’s in huge walls of text. Others simply languish for weeks with nothing but obscure forum threads. Here at MMO Melting Pot, for two patches now, we’ve been trying to fix that problem.

Thus, I present for your delight and delectation – a Quick-Start guide for the new WoW Patch 4.3 for every single spec, class and role in the game. They include updated “What’s Changed in 4.3” sections at the start of the guides, as well as links to further resources, and of course complete, quick recommendations for ability use, spec, enchants, glyphs, and stat priorities.

I hope you find this useful, and please do consider sharing it! In the meantime, after 14 straight hours of theorycraft and writing, I’m off to lie down somewhere dark!




These guides aren’t meant to be detailed discussions a la Elitist Jerks – they include links at the end to more detailed guides as I found them. But they’re meant to be a quick start go get you up and running after the patch, or after a spec change, or with a new character.

Obviously, there are going to be typos, mistakes, and so on. I’d really appreciate it if you could let me know about those in the comments for each article if you find them!

Ok, enjoy! I’m going to go collapse now.

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