Two from LoTRO, two from WoW: Orcs, soloing instances, names and the news

If there’s one MMO that seems to be advancing fast in playerbase these days, it’s Lord of the Rings Online. And as we see more and more LoTRO bloggers and blogs coming online, expect to see more roundup posts on the Pot that aren’t just WoWing goodness!

So, today we’ve got two posts from LoTRO, and two from WoW…

  • WoW: Ratshag is looking at Cataclysm’s events from a historical perspective“Nothing would distract the brave King and Warchief and their true allies from their noble goal of seizing control of an abandoned Kul Tiras prison. Clearly, they had both learned the lessons of Wrathgate and eschewed any notion of working together against a common foe.”
  • LoTRO: A Casual Stroll To Mordor has a lovely pictographic examination of Orcish life and culture“They’re also well known for their musical skills. Be careful though, they might use your head for drumming when they get excited.”
  • WoW: Matthew McCurley goes through the most popular character names players use for each race“Interestingly, Night Elf names mostly reference druids and druid forms, which isn’t too surprising since the Night Elves were the only race available for Alliance druids until Cataclysm introduced the Worgen.”
  • LoTRO: Hard on the heels of a similar WoW guide recently, Doc Holliday offers a detailed guide to soloing old LoTRO instances“Soloing group content might not be for everyone, but personally I find the challenge pretty exciting in and of itself, and the rewards can be surprisingly good too in terms of deeds, crafting materials, gold and, for the later instances, IXP runes and relic boxes.”

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