Star Wars: The Old Republic beta weekend – unexplored perspectives and interesting points

So, as you’ll almost certainly have heard/seen/participated in, this weekend was the Star Wars: The Old Republic mega-beta-test, where hundreds of thousands of eager testers leaped onto Bioware’s servers for a weekend of play on the new MMO.

Whilst we’ve already covered one pretty epic crop of SW:TOR reactions , here are some of the more interesting and as-yet unexplored snippets that popped up from the blogosphere this weekend:

  • FAIL PUG is having some problems with the human male body options“What you won’t notice in that list is anything remotely resembling a normal male body shape. Whilst I’m totally in favour of having body shape diversity in the game, none of the available male character models look anything like Lando, Han, Luke or Obi-Wan, which is a bit odd in a Star Wars themed game.”
  • We Fly Spitfires didn’t play the beta, and thinks you shouldn’t have either“I’m going to be melodramatic and say that betas are disingenuous elite events that kill the fun for everyone else and serve little function other than to fuel the hype machine.”
  • In An Age goes through the experience for several different classesTrooper: This was the class experience that immediately gripped me by the balls, and threatened to never let go. You barely have time for 2-3 dialog choices before your ship gets blown up, and you stumble out into a heavy fighting zone with blasters and explosions going off every which way.”
  • And Tobold is looking at future class balance in SWTOR“So in the unlikely case that every class and talent tree is equally popular, we end up with 3 tanks, 3 healers, and 18 damage dealers. And it is likely that there will be even more players going for the damage dealing talents instead for healing and tanking, based on the experience with other games of this kind.”

What corners of the SWTOR beta did you explore this weekend? Or are you avoiding it too?