More Skyrimmery – Skyrim and challenge, quests, and lessons for MMOs

Yeah, I know it’s not an MMO. Skyrim is as single-player as a single-player thing – but it has managed to capture the attention, wallet and keyboard of a good chunk of the MMORPG blogosphere, and for good reason.

Today, we’ve got three great posts from three major MMO blogs, all revolving around the question of the moment – what does Skyrim have that MMOs lack?

  • Tobold is talking about challenge, story, and epeen, and the way Skyrim prioritises those three things“But if killing the mammoth becomes about killing the mammoth, and not about the reward on offer, that challenge can be on offer to anybody, regardless of level. And if it takes a lower level player half an hour of kiting that mammoth to kill it, it just makes for a better story than any “kill 10 mammoths” quest in other games.”
  • Melmoth at Killed in a Smiling Accident loves the feeling of freedom from questing“I didn’t need to delve deep into the dwarven ruins I discovered last night, there was no importunate question mark floating above a head, or in a quest log; no expectation haunted my every step, no imperious demand that I perform such and such a feat, in this manner, at this time, in this place, with these tools, and where all other endeavours would be considered void. “
  • And Nils is going point-by-point on what all the top MMOs can learn from the Skyrim experience“Narratives which are scattered all over the world are superior to one singular story. Blizzard already acknowledged this with MoP when they announced to make a 180 degree turnaround back to vanilla WoW. Exploration rules! The world can never be too large.”

What else could MMOs learn from Skyrim? And do you think they will?