Love And Hate In The MMO Blogosphere

There’s been a bit of a theme running through the MMOSphere this weekend (well, two, if you count “OMG HOW many good posts?” as one) – love and hate.

From concerns about fanning the flames of factionalism in WoW to an enthusiasm for sharing in MMO design, here we go:

  • Tesh has a damn good point as he interrelates the Corpsegrinder fiasco and MoP’s War focus“Some players will always take things personally, and some jerks are simply jerks. Some people are incurably ignorant. Few will conflate real life with the game… but hatred leaves its prints on attitudes and learned behavior, no matter the venue. “
  • Gordon at We Fly Spitfires is proposing that we bring the class, not the player “Not to pick on specifically on Blizzard but, ironically, it seems as if their concept of “bring the player, not the class” has kinda backfired and we’ve lost form of individuality and class identity in the process. “
  • Brian “Psychochild” Green writes about sharing, and what MMOs can do to promote it“The obvious solution is to stop punishing grouping and let everyone benefit from participating in the same gameplay. Instead of worrying about xp splits, tagging monsters, loot rights, and all that, let all players share from the rewards of an encounter.”
  • And Oestrus has a great post on the baggage that we can carry as a result of abuse in random groups“The tank says, “It was me. I’m sorry. I’m going to go now. I’m sure you’ll find a better tank. Good luck.” We didn’t say anything. We didn’t assign blame. We didn’t berate anyone for their mistake. We just released and started to run back. Yet, somehow, somewhere, this tank got the idea that we thought he was terrible and that we hated him for what happened. “

All really good posts today!

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