Looking back and looking forward – the Vanilla levelling feel, what to expect from LFR and more

World of Warcraft’s in an odd place right now. Very little discussion is focussed on its present – a kind of holding state waiting for 4.3 and mopping up HM Firelands – but there’s a great deal of looking backward, to Vanilla and early days, and forward, to transmogrification, LFR, and all the other 4.3 goodies.

So, today we have an entertaining selection of time-shifted goodies for you:

  • T.R.Redskies is looking back to the Vanilla levelling experience, and fond memories of levelling without end“Even after I learned about it, I didn’t feel like “leveling” to 60 — there was so much cool stuff to see, so many wonderful zones to explore, so many different races with very different attitudes to get to know.”
  • Piercing Howl feels that the item squish is Blizzard being hoist on their own petard“You want to know the most absurd part? Blizzard tried solving a problem caused by stat inflation by… /Drumroll… Inflating stats.”
  • And Azeroth Observer is putting together some ideas on how to survive the Looking for Raid experience“Take the rage you can see in 5-mans, or the blame-throwing, temper-tantruming, ninja-pulling, fire-standing, AFK-ing, troll-baiting, name-calling, gear-epeening, noob-accusing, achievement-bragging, “I-have-an-85–STFU”-ing and “OMFG Y U C***S FAIL”-ing you get in every other random group of strangers, and multiply it by two (for WSG, say), or five (for your dungeon runs), and the entire operation will be Blue/Adults-Only/Past-the-watershed pandemonium.”

So, what are you looking back or forward to?