Is there still a WoW community?

Pretty much everyone who plays WoW has had the “WoW stranger” experience, right? You’re at a bar, or a cafe, or a work conference, and you’re talking about WoW. Or you’re wearing something WoW-related. Or you overhear another conversation.

And the next thing you know, someone’s asked you if you play WoW, or vica versa, and you’re engaged in a long, detailed conversation about the game.

I know it’s happened to me many, many times – at film festivals, in cafes, when I’m speaking at conferences. But Big Bear Butt’s asking an interesting question today – does that sense of being a single community still ring true? In the era of the Corpsegrinder debacle, is playing the same game still enough to hold us together ? –

“The game appeals to many diverse interests. Lots of different people play WoW. I’ve seen a lot of outrage at the interview being shown at BlizzCon without previous attention being given as to the attitudes portrayed by Corpsegrinder, and whether they would offend anyone in “the Community”.

What I haven’t seen is any acknowledgement that a large part of the actual WoW Community, at one time or another, probably would have seen the video interview and said “Hell yeah!”

Let’s be honest. I’ve seen trade chat. You’ve seen trade chat. While there are certainly awesome, responsible mature people like Gnomeaggeddon or Cynwise in battlegrounds, can you really say you haven’t run into Corpsegrinders too? Enthusiastic as hell, but also profane and dropping offensive shit into their language like ‘homo’ and ‘retard’ and you name it.”

It’s an interesting point, and a tough nut to crack. At the same time as we’re all joined by a common interest, there are plenty of things that divide us – everything from politics to hardcore/casual divides. Do I, a very liberal 30-something living in the UK, really have that much in common with an extremely homophobic 14-year-old in Russia, for example?

On the other hand, it’s not like we’re the only community with this divide. The roleplaying and science fiction worlds manage to hold together despite having everyone from extreme-right gun-toting fundementalists to pacifist gay activists in them. There’s no political party on Earth that’s not barely holding together its different opinions with glue and duct tape. Why should WoW be different?

Do you think of WoW as a single community? Do you have anything in common with the people on the far side of the Azerothian debate?

Article Source: Big Bear Butt .