HOWTO: Get into a Heroic raiding guild

Now, I must admit that I’ve never really wanted to raid in an Heroic raiding guild. I like the theorycrafting, and I like the professionalism, and in an ideal world I’d love play at the top level, but there’s the minor issue that I’m a filmmaker and journalist by trade. If I want more high-performance, high-pressure stress in my life, I’ll just work a weekend.

But I know for a lot of people playing in a Heroic-competing guild is the dream. And for them, Vidyala of Manalicious has drawn upon her experience of both applying to and running top guilds to compile a guide to getting into the Heroic raid guild of your dreams

“If you’re trying to get into a heroic guild without ever having done heroic raiding before, you’re starting from a disadvantage. It’s not an insurmountable one, and the way recruitment is these days, it could possibly be no obstacle, but you may still be turned down. Don’t let it get you down. Guilds need the best fit for them just like you need the best guild, and if it’s not a good “match” it wouldn’t end well in any case.

If you are really impressed with a guild but your application is rejected, you could also see about joining as a social member with intent to raid. Participation in alt runs and 5-mans with the members of the guild could make you an easy choice the next time they have a spot on the roster. Alternatively, seek out another guild. Maybe you were overreaching. I know I used to shake my head regularly over ads that said, “Must be 813 heroic or better,” when the player themselves hadn’t done any hard modes at all!

Don’t set your expectations of a guild too high. There are many reasons why progression in a tier could be slower (and needing to recruit heavily is definitely one of them). If you join a guild that’s seeking to progress, you could find a great home in that 27 heroic guild rather than the 67. The distinction is pretty fine, and having you on the team could mean that next tier things progress even better!”

The guide takes a while to get going (although the story preceeding it is interesting, there’s a slightly loose connection to the infopost portion), but when it does, it’s really good stuff. I see quite a lot of “how to apply” guides, but Vidyala’s guide here is based on hard practical experience, and contains a lot more than the obvious tips. From ways to max out your gear to alternative suggestions for progressing into a guild, it’s really good stuff.

Heartily recommended for anyone considering applying to a guild that’s serious about its play, and generally a good resource to keep to hand!

Do you have any other tips for getting into the harder-core guilds?