HOWTO: build a transmogrification set

With transmogging around the corner now, more and more WoW players are waking up and realising that we need answers to questions we didn’t need before – answers like “does this axe go with blue?”, “where can I find a shield that matches my hair?” and “does this robe make my toon’s butt look big?”.

In all seriousness, for the next little while advice on What Not To Wear In WoW is going to be valuable. Thus, today, I was particularly cheered to run across an excellent piece from a blog I’ve only just started following, Dreams of Isorath, with Aeliel discussing exactly how to go about choosing a transmogrification outfit

“What looks good on one character might not necessarily look good on another, even if they’re the same class. There are factors such as gender, skin color, hair color and race to consider. Because of this, I always use WoW Model Viewer to build my sets. If for some reason you can’t or don’t want to use WMV – well, there are other ways to build a set, such as using Wowhead’s item comparison tool to view the items you’re picking on a 3D model. Whatever way you use, always try out the set in game using the dressing room once you’re done with it, just in case.

… Unless you plan on scrapping your set when you get a weapon upgrade of a different type than the weapon you were using when you built the set, you should try and find matching weapons for every single type of weapon your character is likely to end up wielding.”

This post is mostly fairly simple advice, but it’s also solid, and not all of it had occurred to me – in particular, the idea of checking for other appropriate weapon types, so that you don’t end up wrong-footed when an upgrade drops, and also the suggestions about basing the entire outfit around a single piece. The latter’s very sensible – although there are other ways to do it, such as basing your outfit on a colour palette or a real-world equivalent, building from a single piece is easier to start on, visually, and will create some pretty awesome looks for your character.

Do you have any other advice on how to start building your transmogrification set?