General MMO Roundup – Epic EVE battles, Indie Developer Marketing woes, and more

There have been some great non-WoW or SWTOR posts in the last week, too, although you might have missed them in the Jedi onslaught. We’ve got two game design-focussed pieces, one interesting rant on the difficulty of getting the word out about indie MMOs and games, and something truly epic from EVE Online:

  • Leading on from TAGN’s issues with blasters in SWTOR, Tobold thinks about the wierdness of MMO combat systems“Most other sword-fighting games also use combat based on several hits to achieve a kill, although I’m pretty certain that in real life you wouldn’t survive being hit once with a sword or an axe. “
  • In An Age asks whether developers have a responsibility to avoid players breaking their games“It is the responsibility of the designers to ensure that incredibly obvious things (at least in retrospect) like “-25% mana usage” does not stack with itself, that temporary decreases in HP scale the same as damage abilities when their effects are indistinguishable, and so on, are balanced. “
  • Muckbeast struggles with the question of how indie game developers spread the word of their work“I have tried mailing blog authors and asking them to write about one of our games, and in a number of cases some awesome bloggers have done this. But these blog posts seem to get mostly ignored by the readers. I think blog readers are generally looking for commentary, analysis, or controversy. So when they see an article that is a nice, calm “hey check this cool thing out”, I think blog readers tune it out or say “oh yeah I will check that out later” but never get around to it.”
  • And Rooks and Kings have created a spectacular, complete record of a massive PvP event in EVE Online – this is, seriously, unique and fascinating stuff , although it’s a bit slow in places and you may need an EVE glossary to get through it!

Any ideas for indie developers? Thoughts on headshots? And do you feel “Rooks and Kings” have captured the fascination of EVE?