Bottom-of-the-page ad and Supporter memberships

Quick note – after some conversations on Twitter, I’m working to add a “close” button to the ad at the bottom of the page here! Unfortunately the Javascript is proving a little less trivial than expected (partially because I’m trying to do it in a Clever way), but I should be able to get something going soon, so you can actually close the darn thing!

Update – fixed it. The ad now has a close button at the top.

And that got me thinking.

Would you be interested in a “Supporter Membership” / “Publisher’s Club” option on the Pot, a la Rift Junkies or The Escapist? On those sites, you can sign up for a small annual subscription, and in exchange you get an ad-free experience, private forums, mobile app versions of the site, and so on. Plus, of course, you’d get the warm, glowing feeling of knowing that you’re supporting us to keep finding the best from the blogosphere and telling the world about it.

Would you be interested in something like that?

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By the way, next week’s Pot should be really interesting, and a bit different – we’re running a series of interviews with some VERY prominent members of the WoW community, from the universally-respected to the extremely controversial. Stay tuned!