WoW Philosophy Day

After the excitement of Kittengate, The Nerfbat, and similar things, the WoW community appears to be in a brief lull before whatever Blizzcon brings. And so, today everyone’s waxing philosophical, thinking about everything from the tank-healer relationship (I tank, and I date my usual healer, so this one’s close to my heart) to self-image, to prioritising winning over fun:

  • Windsoar at Jaded Alt is asking a question that’s sure to get a lot of strong opinions – is reading up on tactics for a fight pushing winning ahead of having fun in the game?“What is more fun that facing a new foe with a sense of mystery? Is it so bad to spend a night discovering for yourself what exactly is going on in a fight instead of relying on the experience of others to guide you? “
  • Vidalya at Manalicious is showcasing an old, but excellent post, on the nature of the tank-healer relationship and how to improve it“You look into each other’s eyes. You think to yourself, “Now here’s someone who would make a Last Stand for me.” They see a certain something in your gaze, a spark. You might even say a Flash of Light. “
  • And Tzufit at Tree Heals Go Whoosh is considering the moment you first realise you’re not good at an MMO, and how that sudden self-conciousness changes the game“ I have to assume that the majority of us had a moment like this, when we realized that this game was bigger than we anticipated and that we only knew the tiniest bit of what we should. “

Are tactics guides winning over fun? Does self-conciousness harm your game? And do you have an awesome heal/tank combo?