WoW Monk Class in Mists of Pandaria – Chi, Pandaren, Brewmasters, Windwalkers, Mistweavers, talents and more

by on October 21, 2011

Want to play a Pandaren Monk – or any other type of Monk – in Mists of Pandaria? Well, read on – and find our Quick-Read Guides for Brewmaster, Windwalker and Mistweaver monks!


Monks balance two resources – Chi, which can be thought of as Combo Points for the class, and either Mana (Mistweavers) or Energy (Brewmasters and Windwalkers)

Blizzard originally designed the class to not use auto-attack, but subsequently went back on that decision. Monks CAN auto-attack.

New energy type: Chi

Chi is used to power your Finisher attacks. Mistweavers use it for powerful heals, Windwalkers for powerful attacks, and Brewmasters to stay alive.

Monk weapons and armour

We know that Monks can use one-handed axes, maces , and swords, staves and fist weapons- however, they mostly use hand-to-hand attacks to build their power, then use weapons for “finishing moves”.

Monks wear leather armour.

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Monk healing

Monk healing is one of the most unique aspects of the class. Whilst they can take a more conventional healing role, Mistweavers can also heal by DPSing in melee combat!

Monk Talent Trees

Monks have three talent trees, of course.

Monk Races

All races but Goblin and Worgen can play Monks. Pandaren, Night Elves, Humans, Dwarves, Gnomes (!), Blood Elves, Orcs, Trolls and Tauren will all be able to play Monks.

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