Would you remove yourself from loot priority?

We all like to get some shinies from our raiding, right?

Well, not all of us, as it turns out today. Minstrel at Holy Word: Delicious has a really interesting piece explaining why he’s removed himself from the loot priority list in his guild altogether

“In our raid group, we have a very, very simple loot system. It’s round-robin. We maintain a loot list and when you get a piece for your main spec, you drop to the bottom of the list. The list adjudicates who gets a piece when multiple people want it. Highest person on the list receives the loot. It’s meant to be fair, impartial and distribute loot relatively evenly across everyone.

And I want no part of it.

Thus we come to my bold step: I asked to be removed from the hallowed loot list. The consequence of this is that it’s never “my turn” for loot. Anyone else in the raid has a higher claim than me, by this decision of mine. I’ll still receive upgrades, but only when no one else needs the piece.”

Minstrel makes a number of very interesting points in this post. I’m interested by the argument (which I’ve heard in several places recently) that DPS’ output is more vital than healers in Heroic modes, and also that there’s a “glass ceiling” for hardcore healers making further upgrades less necessary. And I’ll be very interested to see how his decision to eschew loot affects his desire to raid long-term, and whether it does in fact make the game more, not less, fun for him.

Would you remove yourself from the loot lists?

Article Source: Holy Word: Delicious . I BELIEVE Minstrel is a guy, but may be wrong – please do correct me if so!