The Guardian Cub / Kitten Standard Economy Roundup, Day 2

Yep, it’s Day 2 of Kittengate – or actually, Kitten-most-people-aren’t-all-that-bothered-or-are-actually-in-favour.

Today we’ve got another ream of discussion and opinion about the BoE kittens that will soon be selling for gold at an AH near you, having been purchased from the Blizz Store for real money previously.

Unlike yesterday, today we do have a few people who are annoyed – but they’re mostly not annoyed at the RMT aspects:

  • Apple Cider Mage writes a lengthy post going through the Kitten Standard from a number of angles, from the “this is just gold selling” angle to to Blizz’s original intentions“Buying your way into power has long been a prickly point of mine in the real world, but I feel it falls flat in World of Warcraft, where someone else’s game progression with gear largely does not affect my own enjoyment in-game. “
  • Morynne at Marks 365 is annoyed – at the fact the pet only binds to one character“In an economy where people are having a difficult time finding a job in some areas, Blizzard is asking for another $10. Is it critical to gameplay? No. Do you have to have it? No. Is it so cute I can’t stand it? Yes. Shut up.”
  • Keen and Graev are annoyed too – at people calling the Kitten RMT“Trading a Guardian Cub in-game for in-game gold or an item is no different than buying a Krol Blade with gold back in 2004 .”
  • And Basil Bernsten at WoW Insider is evaluating the impact of the Cub from an AH player’s perspective“So how much will these pets cost, anyway? The answer will vary from realm to realm, but one thing is certain: The demand for the pets will spike out of the door, then fall off a cliff as soon as enough people have one.”

All very interesting stuff! I have one minor addition to make – if you’re writing about gold selling, please don’t get too hyperbole-happy about their activities.

There are plenty of real problems with gold selling and buying – it’s often from hacked accounts or botted accounts, it’s inflationary, and it’s high-risk. However, gold selling is not “illegal* (“against the Terms of Service” does not equate with “against the law”), and whilst there has been one report of prison labour used to farm gold, there’s no evidence I’m aware of that most traded gold is produced through slavery.

Any more thoughts on the Cub? Are you annoyed it’s $10 per character for this pet?