The homophobic “Corpsegrinder” rant at Blizzcon explodes

UPDATE – Mike Morhaine, President of Blizzard, has posted a full apology for the incident on the official WoW forums

A few days ago, as part of one of our latter Blizzcon roundups , we linked to an excellent article from Piercing Howl decrying a particularly unpleasant screw-up from Blizzard at Blizzcon.

As part of the Level 90 Elite Tauren Shaman concert, they played a clip from an interview with George Fisher, aka “Corpsegrinder”, from the band Cannibal Corpse, in which he enthuses about his love of World of Warcraft and the Horde – and in doing so, lets rip with an astonishing series of homophobic insults and comments. The video was played bleeped (according to most commentors – although it may have been bleeped on the Live Stream only – see below) on the main stage at Blizzcon.

The results have, so far, been explosive. I’ve heard that the Gay And Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation have contacted Blizzard about the video. There’s a petition up with over 500 signatures so far – and I heartily encourage you to sign too if you’re reading this.

And bloggers have been writing some brilliant pieces about the whole affair. If you want to know more, you want suggestions on how to talk about this issue to your guildmates, and particularly if you’re sitting there wondering why I’m making a big deal out of this, I recommend reading:

  • Paw Prints At The Portal is pretty damn pissed off. His angry post makes some excellent points, particularly about the WoW Terms of Service and the airing of the video“What we have is a company which, in it’s ToU, demands a certain level of behaviour from its customers, which is fair enough. Then it goes and smashes their own Terms to pieces and implicitly endorses the levels of mindless thuggery and abusive crap seen day in, day out in the /trade and /general in-game chat channels.”
  • Mysterious Buttons analyses how Blizzard could have handled the entire affair, but didn’t – _“They could have edited those clips together, slapped the “…but I’m not Alliance” one at the end (if they still wanted to do the rawr, horde thing) and everything would have been ok … But they didn’t — they chose to include the segment they used.”
  • Grimmtooth tears the Blizzard “apology” to well-deserved pieces“In the name of a joke, a bunch of inconsiderate louts made the environment around Blizzard HQ – and all it stands for – hostile to people that don’t fit a narrowly defined template of ‘normal’. “
  • And Pewter of ‘Mental Shaman airs something even more concerning – she says that the clip was aired unbleeped during the Closing Ceremony“The video above is an old clip, but it was aired un-edited during the Closing Ceremonies of Blizzcon 2011. There was no censoring/bleepouts as they aired it. I was there, I watched this clip. “

Please share these posts with people who aren’t aware of what happened.