The best addons for Fury warriors

World of Warcraft is a flexible game, and allows your user interface to be heavily modified through the use of addons. Addons aren’t just cosmetic, though. They can massively improve the way you play, providing helpful shortcuts to common functionality, or allowing you to accurately measure the status of buffs, debuffs and cooldowns. Here’s our run-down of the best addons for Fury warriors.

Rotation and priority

If you’re having trouble getting to grips with the Fury Warrior rotation, there are a few addons out there that can help you. Two of the most popular are Enraged and Faceroller.

These addons are great for suggesting which ability you should be prioritizing at any one time. If you’re still getting to grips with your rotation, they can really help. There’s no substitute for knowing your class well, though. Don’t rely on addons like these to always give you the best recommendation. They can’t possibly cater for every situation, and sometimes the most optimal choice isn’t always the right one. Be prepared to regularly ignore these addons if you want to play to the very best of your ability.


Since Fury warriors are one of the few classes in Cataclysm to retain a rotation rather than a priority system, Enraged is actually quite a useful addon. It will display your highest-priority available abilities, based on a pre-defined rotation. You can customize the rotation yourself, although Enraged comes with support for standard rotations for both Titan’s Grip and Single-minded Fury.

Download Enraged from


Faceroller fulfils a similar purpose to Enraged, providing a constantly-updating indicator of your next logical ability to use. Faceroller is not specifically designed for warriors, so you’ll also need the Faceroller: Fury Warrior module. Be sure to also download the Faceroller 4.0.1 patch.

Faceroller is not actively maintained any more, but the Fury warrior module still functions.

Download Faceroller from WoW Interface

Procs and notifications

One of the most useful functions that addons can fulfil is to alert you when certain abilities are ready to be used – Heroic Strike being an obvious contender for warriors.

Strike Now!

Strike Now! is a simple alert addon, which will cause the Heroic Strike button on your action bar to glow when you hit a pre-configured amount of Rage. In our Fury warrior rotation guide, we recommend inexperienced Warriors to use Heroic Strike at 90 Rage, but experienced Warriors will want to set the bar much lower.

Download Strike Now! from WoW Interface

Maul Stuff

Maul Stuff provides an almost identical functionality to Strike Now!. It’s a simpler addon, providing support for Heroic Strike and for the Feral druid Maul ability. There’s no in-game configuration menu, so you’ll have to manually edit the addon’s code if you want to change the Rage trigger level. By default, it’s set to trigger at 50 Rage.

Download Maul Stuff from WoW Interface


The amount of customization available from TellMeWhen is simply extraordinary. The addon can alert you when any number of complicated conditions are fulfilled. It can monitor your own buffs and debuffs, your target’s health, your ability cooldowns, and much more. It takes some time to initially configure, but if you want an unparalleled level of precise customization, it’s well worth the effort.

Download TellMeWhen from WoW Interface

Cooldown trackers

As well as receiving alerts when certain abilities are available, you’ll also want to monitor the cooldowns on your abilities. Having precise information if the time remaining on your cooldowns easily available to you will help you choose the right ability at the right time.

Enrage Tracker

The Enrage mechanic is a crucial part of the Fury warrior playstyle. Enrage Tracker helps you to maximize your Enrage uptime by providing a customizable Enrage bar, showing your current Enrage level.

Download Enrage Tracker from WoW Interface


OmniCC does one thing only, and it does it well: it will overlay a counter onto each of your buttons, indicating the cooldown time remaining on that ability. It has extensive support for a wide variety of other WoW addons, and it’s regularly updated.

Download OmniCC from


Although it was originally designed for Warlocks, ForteXorcist has been expanded to support all classes. It provides a bar, on which are displays all of your abilities currently on cooldown. The ability icons move from right to left as they become closer to activation.

ForteXorcist has a lot more functions as well, so it’s worth exploring a little.

Download ForteXorcist from WoW Interface

Other useful addons for Fury warriors

There are plenty of other addons which, while not specifically designed for Fury warriors, will still prove useful to you whether you’re a hardcore raider or a casual leveler.


Stop standing in the fire! GTFO plays an obnoxious warning noise whenever you’re unfortunate enough (or foolish enough) to stand in the Bad Stuff. As a melee DPS class, you’ll find a lot of use for this addon.

Download GFTO from WoW Interface

RSA (Raeli’s Spell Announcer)

RSA will ‘announce’ when you use certain abilities, when you’re missing certain buffs, or when certain ability effects have ended. You can choose exactly what it does and does not announce, and you can also customize the place in which the announcements are made. If you want to just see the messages yourself, have RSA output to the default chat frame, or to a whisper. However, you might also want to have some effects – interrupts, for example – announced to your entire party or raid.

Download RSA from

DXE (Deus Vox Encounters)

There are several well-established ‘boss mod’ addons, such as Deadly Boss Mods and Bigwigs. DXE is a relatively new addition to the pack, and a very good one at that. It provides warning bars and timer bars of boss fight events, and can also display an arrow on-screen indicating which way you should move at specific points in a fight.

Download Deus Vox Encounters from


Some of the best addons are the ones that do one simple job very well. tullaRange is a perfect example. It simply provides an indicator on any of your buttons when that ability is out of range for your current target.

Download tullaRange from WoW Interface

Threat Plates

The Tidy Plates addon was already a popular replacement for the standard in-game creature nameplates before Threat Plates came along, but Threat Plates made it almost indispensable. Threat Plates is a plugin for Tidy Plates, which will change the appearance of creature’s nameplates depending on the amount of threat you currently hold over them. So, for example, you can have Threat Plates increase the size of a creature’s nameplate as your threat increases, and have it flash the nameplate angrily when you’re in danger of pulling threat off the tank. You’ll wonder how you ever managed without it.

Download Tidy Plates from WoW Interface

Download Threat Plates from WoW Interface

Do you have any other recommendations for addons that would be useful to Fury warriors? Let us know in the comments.