Roundup: New Beginnings

Well, the MMOsphere seems to be well out of sync with the actual weather right at the moment. You see, whilst in the real world we’re heading into what promises to be a pretty grim winter, in the land of MMOs, it’s starting to feel like spring is breaking out.

We’ve got a few great posts about new beginnings today, from Syp’s argument that the long winter of the MMO may be nearly over, to Syncaine being unexpectedly inspirational talking about EVE:

  • Cynwise is still pondering his restart with his main, and in doing so, he’s considering the origins of the name of the Warlock class“Warlock comes from the Old English wærloga, or oath-breaker, deciever, liar. Witch comes from wicca and wicce, and used to apply to both men and women. At some point the word shifted over to refer to primarily women, so another word had to be brought in for “male witch.”“
  • Syp has been reading all this talk of an MMO winter, and feels that we’re actually at the start of a huge MMO Spring“We first have the launch of one of the most anticipated MMOs of all time, Star Wars: The Old Republic, on December 20th, which really makes this a 2012 title for all intents and purposes. On top of that, there’s the April launches of TERA and The Secret World, Guild Wars’ beta and (hopefully) launch, WoW’s next expansion, and so on.”
  • And Syncaine’s returned to EVE, and is highlighting one truly unique element of the game – the way that older content doesn’t get left behind “Last night I was able to jump into my Rohk battleship, the same one I used in 2008, and run some level four missions with some DiS pilots out of Taru. Name an MMO where you can return after almost four years and not only pick right back up, but still have that very same content ‘viable’ in terms of rewards and player interest?”

Do you think we’re on the verge of Spring? Feel more MMOs should keep older content current? And would you prefer playing a witch to a warlock?