Reflections on the last 9 months of MMOs

The blogosphere seems to be in a reflective mood today. Perhaps it’s WoW Patch 4.3 looming into view, or just the fact that we’re in the fourth quarter of the year now, approaching the end of 2011.

For whatever reason, there’s a lot of reflection, summing-up, and thinking back going on today, and here’s the best of the posts we’ve seen:

  • Syp at Bio Break has just quit RIFT – but it’s not a bad breakup. He’s thinking back over their time together, and reflecting on the good and bad parts of that particular MMO” – “I love, love Trion. So many studios promise all sorts of fast, significant content after release, but I’ve only seen Trion take that challenge and keep up with it, month after month”
  • Brian Wood at WoW Insider is getting his graphs on as he reviews top raider logs to determine the state of class DPS in Firelands“. Even if the exact amount behind isn’t clear from top 100 data, the fact remains that frost unholy DKs, BM hunters, destruction warlocks, subtlety rogues, maybe SV hunters and certainly mage specs requiring more than two buttons (I joke!) are all in need of some kind of DPS help.”
  • And Zinn at Jinxed Thoughts closes out today’s MMOPot entries with a really nice idea – she’s going through everything she really likes about WoW right now“I agree with nearly all the general opinions about what currently isn’t very well designed in WoW, from the raid fight design philosophy, “bring the player not the class”-failure, how mistreated melee have been this expansion and so on. But you know what? I am still playing this game.”

Do you think the top raiders’ numbers really reflect the state of WoW’s DPS? Do you agree with Syp about RIFT’s strengths and weaknesses? And do you fancy being cheery about WoW?

All quotes taken directly from their respective sources.