Pre-Blizzcon Titbits

As we start ramping up to Blizzcon, the blogosphere’s quieting down in anticipation. Still, there have been a few other great WoW posts today, and rather than show just one, I figured it was time for another round-up, to give everyone something to read as you sit in your hotel rooms or warm up your F5 finger for the weekend…

  • Rades of Orcish Army Knife wants to know why the Legendary Daggers are, well… daggers“There’s something classic about a Rogue dual-wielding knives, and symmetry is aesthetically pleasing to the eye. But at the same time, it’s also BORING. “What’s that, DarkBladez22? You use two daggers? You and millions of other Rogues out there. Zero points for originality.” “
  • Big Bear Butt has a heart-warming tale of father and son teaming up to get the Halloween Critter against all odds – _“Everything went great, right up to the point where we had to get 5 Blood Nettles, 5 Arcane Powder and 5 Crystal Vials. Guess what? Vials are cheap and Blood Nettles are free, but the Arcane Powder were going to cost him 9 silver 50 copper. EACH. Times 5? Do the math. Little dude had 4 silver. Screwed, we were.”
  • And Manalicious is shouting out to her fellow DPSers with a kind of manifesto – it’s OK to love being DPS“People think that what we do is easy, we are highly replaceable, and really not worthy of respect. Therein lies the problem for those of us who have the ability to play multiple characters: If everyone is going to assume you are a meter-humping mouthbreather, why wouldn’t you want to play another character?”

See you tomorrow!

Do you love to DPS? Find your heart warmed by BBB’s tale? Or secretly wish the Legendary had been a pair of rotating hedgehogs on a stick?