Musings in the shadow of Blizzcon

It’s a week since the Blizzcon rampage, and everyone’s starting to settle back down, take some quiet time, and think about things.

And so, this weekend the blogosphere, particularly the WoW-related parts of it, has been unusually heavy on the musing. A lot of people have been thinking deep thoughts, allowing their minds to wander, and generally letting the concentration of Blizzcon weekend relax before Patch 4.3 hits like a whirlwind.

Don’t expect conclusions today – today we’re all about the interesting questions:

  • Nils has embarked on an epic series of posts getting right back to the basic question – what is a game? Dry in places, but very deep, well-thought out stuff“The intention of the model is to give the user a better understanding of games and a way of thinking about them. As such it is useful for predicting outcomes. The most interesting outcome being whether a player has “fun” playing a game. “
  • Ophelie, the Bossy Pally, is getting mushy about Blizzcon“I’m shy and it’s been a while since I’ve come face to face with a crowd. I was debating sketching off early. Too many people, too many nerves, feeling sick and lightheaded. Then out of nowhere, I hear: “Hi I’m Theck!””
  • Cannot Be Tamed is wondering whether the differences in raiding group styles can be reconciled“There are more cutthroat guilds out there, who can be ruthless about who they take to raids to ensure the best progression possible … Sounds fantastic. But if you look a little closer, those raids aren’t all sunshine and ponies either.”
  • Bravetank is wondering how she can overcome her need to obsessively prepare herself before tanking“. I want to be able to go in these dungeons, mess up, learn from it & then succeed. I want to be Alanis Morrisette in more than just my hair length. I want to be her in “You Learn” & not spend all my play hours researching, esearching & researching & never doing. “
  • And Big Bear Butt is thinking about his personal disappointment with the Halloween event, random drop chances and disappointment“There is something about working hard and consciously devoting time and effort into getting something that adds meaning. Significance. If the shit is handed to us on a plate for showing up, we don’t value it at all. It’s all digital pixels on a hard drive; it is the meaning we give to those pixels that gives them value.”

Do you have any post-Blizzcon musings floating around your brain?