Minecraft: How To Fly

Minecraft’s a game of beautiful terrain, endless landscapes, and infinite possibilities. At some point, every player just wants to fly up, up and away, and see the entire thing from a more commanding viewpoint. But how to fly in this ground-based game?

Well, with Minecraft 1.8 now out, there are a variety of entertaining ways to get a better view on things, whether you’re building your masterpiece or just trying to get away from the damn Creepers for a bit. So, read on for your Tour of Minecraft Aviation.

Flying Mods

Probably the most flexible way to fly in Minecraft is to use a game modification, or “mod”. These are actually additional pieces of code that you can modify the Minecraft game files with to enable additional functions, like new items, cheat modes – or the ability to fly.

Minecraft: How To Fly

We’ve got a full guide to the best known Minecraft Fly Mod , Zombe’s Fly Mod, right here on the Melting Pot. Be warned – installing a Minecraft mod is not for the faint-hearted.


  • Works in all forms of Minecraft, Singleplayer and Multiplayer, including Survival (we believe this includes Adventure Mode).
  • Works on older versions of Minecraft as well as 1.8 and beyond.
  • Includes a bunch of other useful mods too.
  • Includes a “no-clip” (aka “fly through walls”) mode.


  • Requires editing the Minecraft files, which can be decidedly alarming.
  • May not survive Minecraft updates well, and may at some point no longer be supported.
  • Not a part of Minecraft out of the box, so some people may consider it a “cheat”.
  • Not realistic flying – if you want to feel like you’re in a plane, this isn’t the mode for you.

Creative Mode

With Minecraft 1.8, Notch (the creator of Minecraft) re-included the old Creative Mode, which is specifically designed for people who want to use Minecraft as a creative tool rather than an exploration or survival game.

Amongst its many features (which we talk more about in our Minecraft Creative Mode guide ) is an option to take off and fly around the map. Unlike Zombe’s mod, this is included by default and is simplicity itself to use: double-tap the spacebar, and you’ll take off.

If you’re wanting to fly just so you can more easily create art in Minecraft, this is definitely the option for you. If you’re wanting challenge or realistic physics, you’ll need a mod.


  • No editing of game files required, and no possible problems with installation.
  • No problems with updating the game.


  • Only usable in Creative Mode, which changes the game fundementally from an exploration game to, essentially, a 3D painting tool.
  • No fly-through-walls function.
  • Flight isn’t “realistic” – whilst you have inertia on two planes, you can’t easily swoop, and it doesn’t “feel” like flying.

Planes mod

If you just want to explore the landscape or create more easily, the above two options might be for you. But if you actually want to feel like you’re flying, there’s really only one option: Flan’s Planes mod .

This is a pretty huge and sprawling mod, adding an entire new technology to Minecraft. Getting your planes off the ground, so to speak, isn’t simply a case of spawning them and taking off – instead, you’ve got to find the materials for all the components, put them together, and create your planes first. By the time you take off, you’ll certainly feel like you’ve earned it!

Once you’re in the air, though, the controls are much more realistic than other flight mods. You can bank your plane, ascend and descend by climbing and diving, and generally swoop around the place humming the theme tune to Top Gun (or The Dambusters, take your pick) as long as you like.


  • Really makes you work for your flight. That’s an advantage to some people and a disadvantage to others.
  • “Real” flight, not hovery-cheaty-3D flight.
  • Feels much better integrated into the game world than other flight options.
  • Works in singleplayer and multiplayer, Survival mode as well.


  • Requires modifying Minecraft.
  • May not be quickly updated for new releases – not only is it a mod, but it’s a complex one, and at the time of writing isn’t updated to the latest Minecraft version.
  • You have to work for your flight. If you like your quick fixes, this isn’t the option for you.