Minecraft creative mode guide

Minecraft 1.8 has brought us all sorts of new goodies, but for a lot of people, one of the most exciting additions has been the new Minecraft Creative Mode.

In Creative Mode, you no longer have to stumble along the ground and fight off zombies whilst you’re building your epic creations (or install mods to allow you to bypass those limitations). Instead, you can choose from an infinite creative pallete, fly around the landscape at will, and generally concentrate on enabling your Muse rather than finding enough food to survive the night.

How to enable single-player Creative Mode

You can’t turn Creative Mode on and off in a game, sadly. Instead, when you first create your world you have to choose the mode under which it will operate – Survival or Creative.

To start up a Creative Mode world, choose Single Player from the game menu, then hit Create New World. A new screen will appear with various options including a Game Mode: Survival button.

Minecraft Creative Mode initialisation

Click the Game Mode: Survival button once, and it will change to Game Mode: Creative. Hit Create New World, and you’ll have a new world which will always operate in Creative Mode.

How to enable creative mode on a Minecraft server

If you want use creative mode on a Minecraft server (multiplayer) – open your server.properties file, then change gamemode=0 to gamemode=1. This switches the server from Survival mode (Gamemode 0) to Creative mode (Gamemode 1).

Restart your server, and everyone should be running in Creative Mode.

If you just want some of your players to be able to use Creative Mode, check that you are a server op, then log in, and type “/gamemode PLAYERNAME 1”, where PLAYERNAME is the name of the player you wish to make, erm, more creative. They’ll now be able to soar around, create like a god, and generally make everyone else jealous.

How to fly

Creative Mode includes a flight mode by default, so you no longer need to install a Minecraft Fly Mod to make your creation easier.

Starting to fly in Creative Mode is pretty simple – just double-tap the spacebar and away you’ll go. Importantly, you’ll need to double-tap it pretty fast, or you’ll just end up bouncing on the spot.

Once you’re up, remember – you can’t fly up by looking up and pointing forward, nor down by looking down. You have to use SPACE (up) and SHIFT (down) to move in the vertical axis – mouselook will only let you move horizontally. Yeah, this is pretty annoying – we’re hoping Notch fixes it in a future patch.

If you land in water or lava, your flight will automatically be cancelled. Flying out of water is pretty tricky because of this – your best bet is to build yourself an island, stand on that, and then take off again.

Creating blocks

In Creative Mode, you have infinite access to all Minecraft blocks and items. Your 10 usable slots remain the same – however, the inventory screen is replaced by an item palette. You can simply drag any item in the palette to your 10 usable slots to have access to infinite amounts of that item.

Minecraft Creative Mode Item Palette

Building works exactly as normal Minecraft – right-click to place a block, left-click to destroy it. Unlike normal Minecraft, you don’t need a pick equipped to destroy blocks, and you can destroy any block with one hit. You can also tunnel through bedrock, aka Adminium, in Creative mode – be careful, as you can find yourself in the Void very easily this way, and that can still kill you.

When you’re dragging an item to your usable slots, remember that you still need to click to replace it. You’ll then need to throw the item you replaced away – don’t worry, you can just click outside the item palette to get rid of it, and it won’t have any effect on the palette.

Monsters, death, and other inconveniences in Creative Mode

Monsters will still spawn (in single-player – you can turn off monster spawns in multiplayer as normal) – however, they won’t be able to hurt you. However, they can still get annoying, so remember that you can equip yourself with a Diamond Sword at will – go ahead, go on a killing spree, it’ll be satisfying.

You can’t die particularly easily, but you can still die. You can’t drown, lava won’t kill you (although it will still set you on fire) and you can’t die from falling (go as high as you can and then turn off flight for a Matrix moment), but as mentioned above, the Void can still kill you – don’t dig too greedily, or too deep! You’ll also still be affected by lava and water flows, which can be very cool or decidedly irritating.

And that’s basically all you need to know! Go forth, and get Creative!

Anything we forgot to mention about Creative Mode? Tell us below!