How Not To Hate PvP

And to conclude the day, something a bit lighter after Cynwise’s epic piece .

I strongly suspect WoW players reading this are in one of two camps: those who love PvP, and those who find it deeply, deeply frustrating. I’m in the latter camp myself – I enjoy reading about it, I enjoy the idea in theory, but in practise, I tend to find serious WoW PvP rather similar to being repeatly smacked in the head with a door.

WoW Insider’s Michael Gray, of course, is a hardcore PvPer. And for those of us who wonder how the hell he ever managed to get to that point and still retain some measure of sanity, he’s written a guide to how to overcome the frustrations of PvP

“Some nights you log into the Arena and it feels like if you bought a duck, it’d drown. You keep getting DK/druid team after DK/druid team. You couldn’t peel the enemy warrior if he were a banana. The only healers you see wear plate armor, and they’re all handy with the bubbles. Even after dozens of matches, you don’t feel like you can win more than one or two.

This happens. That’s all there is to it. Off nights happen. If you can’t seem to win a match no matter what you do, it might be time to take the night off. Come back to the Arena the next night when you’re refreshed, energized and ready to fight.”

Some of his points work for me, and some of them don’t, but I reckon that if I was to start attempting the whole Pee Vee Pee combat thing again, I’d find this article terribly helpful. His Point 4 seemed kinda obvious to me (“If you suck, try and learn what’s going wrong”), but his discussion of off nights, gear, and what to do when you’re stuck in a hideous PUG group are all darn solid stuff.

If the long nights until the next raid appears are starting to make you reconsider PvP as a way of passing the time, I’d definitely recommend reading the article before you want to smash your keyboard…

How do you endure the frustrations of PvP?

Article source: Blood Sport at WoW Insider .