Dungeon Findin’

Today, we’re rounding up a couple of great posts on WoW dungeon finding, plus a quick unicorn chaser after the LFD random experience.

With the LFR tool coming in the near future, many of us are starting to stare down the barrel of That Random Guy In A PUG experiences once again – only this time, there will be 24 of them, not 4… So, what’s been going on in LFD over the weekend?

  • HoTs and DoTs has been experiencing the LFD grind of today as a newer player (read the comments, they’re very interesting!) – “I’m open to suggestions and encouragement and instructions ”priest, you take the right beam and get out before 100 stacks” but there seems to be precious little of that going around. Nobody wants to tell me what to do.”
  • Bravetank has apparently gotten her hands on some leaked Patch Notes, as she goes through the glyphs the LFD tool should includeGlyph of Healer Pet – Turns your healer into the obedient pet they should always have been. No longer will they dawdle behind you looting or insisting on annoying little mana breaks (you can drink on your own time Florence Nightingale). “
  • And your Unicorn Chaser – We Fly Spitfires has been heavily alt-ifying, and he feels there’s one thing that WoW does better than any other game – “World of Warcraft is incredible in its artistic direction. Regardless of the fact it can run on a toaster and has a stupidly low polygon count, it just oozes character and personality from every pore.”

Been in the LFD tool recently? How was it?

All quotes taken directly from their respective posts.