Dark Night of the Warlock’s Soul

I’m really not entirely sure how to characterise Cynwise’s latest post. I’m not sure we’ve ever featured a post quite like it.

He’s having a dark night of the soul with regards to his warlock character, Cynwise, and the fact that, somewhere in the past while, he has stopped liking to play Warlocks. Warlocks, mind, not Cynwise herself. And all of this spirals into a fascinating discussion spreading across class roles, being useful versus enjoying yourself, the feel of a class, and much, much more .

I’m actually not going to do the usual thing and include a quote here, because I simply can’t find one that gives a good representation of this post as a whole. Instead, I’m just going to say – go read the whole thing. It’s touching on so much stuff – the “healer forced to DPS” issue we’ve been talking about in recent weeks, the discrepant experience of playing a tank versus playing a DPS in 5-mans, the flavour that some classes have and some don’t – and it’s all wrapped up in Cynwise’s personal dilemma. It’s really a remarkable piece of writing, and I think virtually all WoW players will find at least part of it resonates with them.

So – go read, if you have a moment. And then tell us –

What do you think? What should Cynwise do now? And what thoughts did the post inspire for you?

Article source: Cynwise’s Field Notes .