Blizzcon 2011 Blogosphere Reactions: Talent Trees

Wow. OK, I’m currently staring at a list that’s over three times as long as any blogosphere day list in the history of the Pot. The WoW blog writers of the world have been busy.

So, without any further ado, let’s get into it. I’ll be splitting the blogosphere reactions into four parts today – first, talent trees, then reactions to the Pandaren, then reactions to the Annual Pass announcement, then general reactions to the ‘con.

Because there are so many posts, I’m also going not going to be able to link to all of them. Very short posts or posts that are mostly giving information rather than comment won’t be included – everythying here’s going to be pretty meaty stuff.

As always, if I’ve missed something, ping me to let me know!

So – talent trees:

General Discussion


Remember – a few fast-paced bloggers also got to the talent trees on Saturday, so if that’s not enough for you, it’s worth checking out our Blizzcon Day 1 roundup too.

And remember – if you’re writing a blog post about the talent trees, or just want to read them without straining your eyes on slightly fuzzy images, we’ve got transcriptions of ALL the new Patch 5.0 talent tress for all classes right here on MMO Melting Pot.

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