Blizzard Does It Unquestionably Right

Now that’s a headline I wasn’t expecting to use for a while.

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen anyone uncritically and absolutely praise Blizzard for something they’ve done in WoW. Cautious optimism, dismay and outright outrage – we’ve seen all them. But Blizzard going above and beyond, and doing something that’s genuinely Very Clever?

It’s nice to see, as Cynwise reports, that they’ve still got it

“Instead of making a simple change that mostly fixed a problem, the developers dramatically changed how something worked by level, making it scale all the way from 65 to 85 (and possibly beyond). It still does a lot of damage, and is great against unsuspecting targets, but it’s not going to 1-shot people in any bracket it’s available in. That took thought, planning, and careful analysis to realize that a simple level restriction wasn’t going to work.

In every sense of battleground fairness, this is a great change. And it’s great for many brackets.

Which is why it’s so unexpected. Not because we shouldn’t expect that Blizzard does the right thing (we should), but that it’s one of the first times I’ve seen an item nerfed in PvP in such a way to take into account its impact in multiple brackets.”

Cynwise is talking here about a fairly obscure piece of PvP knowledge – an engineering recipe, the Big Daddy, which made you close to unstoppable in some specific PvP brackets, but not something that was yet well known. And yet, not only did Blizzard jump in and fix the problem, they did so in a really elegant, interesting way that opens up a whole bunch of other possibilities.

It’s really nice to read about an instance where Blizzard is – for a moment, at least – well and truly back.

Where else can you think of that Blizzard have done something absolutely, definitely right?