Who on Azeroth is Aggra?

If you’ve played through the Goblin starting questline on Kezan and the Lost Isles or if you’ve rescued Thrall from the afflictions of Majordomo Staghelm, but haven’t read any of the Warcraft novelizations, you might be wondering who on Azeroth this new ‘Aggra’ character is.

The short answer is that Aggra is now Thrall’s wife, and that’s official so you’d better get used to it.

Aggra is an orc of the Mag’har, and a powerful shaman in her own right. She got to know Thrall during the events immediately following Wrath of the Lich King and before Cataclysm – events detailed in the World of Warcraft novelization The Shattering.

Thrall traveled to Nagrand to commune with the elements there, during which time he met Aggra. While the two of them initially antagonized each other, they soon became – in true buddy cop fashion – the best of friends. The friendship blossomed into love, and any fanboy hope of seeing Thrall and Jaina Proudmore play Hide the Stoneskin Totem died an undignified death.

Aggra plays a significant role in the events of the goblin starting questline on the Lost Isles. She leads the band of shipwrecked orcs who, with the aid of the goblins, rescue Thrall from imprisonment at the hands of Alliance S:17 agents. She later makes a reappearance during the questline The Call of the World Shaman, during which she follows Thrall around complaining that he talks too much, while ordering the player to do all the hard work. If you do manage to complete that questline, you’ll be rewarded with an i-level 365 cloak, and you’ll be punished by being made to endure Thrall and Aggra’s vomit-inducing commitment ceremony. Depending on your opinion, of course, this may be the best thing about that questline. If you really want to see it, check our guide, How to get to Mount Hyjal.

It was Aggra who convinced Thrall that he needed to choose between his duties as a Warchief and his duties as a Shaman. Thrall, who was perhaps following the advice of a part of his body other than his brain, chose the later option – leaving Garosh Hellscream to lead the Horde to glory under his famous election slogan “Vote Hellscream – because 99% ineptitude just ain’t good enough.”

What do you think of Aggra? Do you approve of her partnership with Thrall, or were you as confused about her sudden appearance as the rest of us?