The Middle

Elfi of Elfi’s World is stirring the cauldron today. Or perhaps she’s trying to start a movement. Either way, she doesn’t feel she’s represented at all in the conversation between “Hardcore” and “Casual” right now, and she’s feeling the pain of being in the middle

I do not raid weekly. I do not have the best gear in every slot. I do not have an abundance of Valor Points. … I do utilize tools such as Mr. Robot to ensure I am wearing everything correctly. I do read patch notes before the patch hits. I do love the game.

I am not hardcore, but I also don’t believe I’m casual. Neither of those words can define me. I am in the middle. And I believe there are a hell of a lot of us here. Should we be called hardcore casuals? No, I don’t think so.

Like it or not, we’re all on a Kinsey Scale of game-seriousness. And there’s a lot more of the middle-ground – perhaps we should call them “hardcore-curious” – gamers out there than the dialogue between “lol FL is being nerfed for casuals” and “if you raid HC mode you have no life” often suggests.

I agreed with about half of her lists of dos and don’ts – which I thought almost formed a Kinsey Scale or questionaire in and of themselves. I do use every analysis tool available, which she feels is hardcore, but I don’t bother with Achievements most of the time. I do have multiple high-level characters, but I often don’t bother to get top-end enchants as soon as a new piece of gear drops. And so on.

Have a look – whether you’re part of her “middle”, faaar on the harcore end, or uber-casual, it’s an interesting study of what’s often portrayed as two camps, but is actually a complex, mutli-dimensional continuum.

Are you hardcore? Casual? Hardcore-curious? And do you think the “middle” needs more representation?

Quote taken directly from Elfindale’s post .

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