The first vibrations as the nerfbat lands

Breaking news today: Blizzard are nerfing the Firelands in difficulty , starting next week. This marks the shortest time ever between content release and a major nerf, unless you count the built-in one in ICC.

It will probably not surprise regular readers to hear that the blogosphere is likely to have some opinions. With this announcement having only hit late yesterday, it’s early days yet, but here’s the blogosphere buzz so far:

  • Cannot Be Tamed is really not impressed“I hate to be a part of the WoW angst machine that gets upset about any change that gets introduced. But this time, I just can’t help myself.”
  • Marks 365 is decidedly uncertain” – “Here’s what I’m fearful of: I don’t want to be killing Deathwing every week for a year like we did with Arthas.”
  • And I Like Bubbles likes not only bubbles, but also Blizzard’s decision to make the content more accessible“While other people cry TOO SOON, EXECUTUS, I cry OH THANK GOD.”

We’ll be continuing to update you with the best of the blogosphere’s reactions as the shockwaves rumble outward – if you have an opinion or write a post, mention it below! (Or just link to us in the post and we’ll see it in our trackbacks).

I’m interested on which side the community will come down here – it’s such an unusual decision.

All quotes taken directly from their respective articles