Some Long-Expected Blogging

It’s not all WoW, all the time in the MMOsphere, even with the announcement barrage that Blizzard seems to be keeping up these days. And for one MMO in particular, today’s a rather special day.

Yes, in Lord of the Rings Online, it’s time for a particularly enthusiastic party, as September 22nd brings around the birthday of both Frodo and Bilbo Baggins. And, appropriately enough on this particularly Hobbity day, there’s a bunch of interesting LoTRO news and comment out there:

  • Procrastination Amplification’s been trying LoTRO out, and has briefly summed up three interesting points for anyone who’s planning to try it – one good, one bad, and one ugly“As for Moria, I still haven’t seen the inside of it. The quest chain required me to level the weapon to level ten before being able to enter. While it is beyond level 10 now, the tasks I took upon me when it was clear I couldn’t get to Moria yet still aren’t finished.”
  • Killed In A Smiling Accident’s Melmoth has taken a break from Fighting The Forces Of The East to plant some flowers – and it’s not been going too well“The maddening part of this quest, however, was the countdown bar. Each planted marigold required a bar to count down for three years. Or maybe seven seconds. Time dilates when you’re watching a countdown bar in an MMO; it’s much like waiting for a kettle to boil only the steam is coming out of your ears instead.”
  • And A Casual Stroll To Mordor is engaging in a really cool charity event – on the 23rd of September, they’re walking – yes, walking – all the way from Bag End along the infamously difficult and dangerous path to Rivendell“On the traces of Frodo and his friends, our team of writers will walk from Bag End up to Rivendell, and maybe beyon. For every donation made to Child’s Play, our Fellowship will take one step further towards the healing house of Elrond.”

I’ve been playing LoTRO myself recently, and it’s very obvious that the game’s growing fast – the starting Elf zones on Dwarrowdelf yesterday were about as busy as the WoW servers a week after Cataclsym. I’m looking forward to more LoTRO features on the Pot soon!

Have you seen anything interesting in or about LoTRO lately? Any LoTRO blogs we should follow? Let us know below!

All quotes taken directly from their respective posts.