Rounding Out The Week

It’s been a hell of a busy week in MMO-land, and I’d expect next week to be as busy.

So, to round out the week, a round-up of the coolest posts of the last 24 hours, nice and quick, in preparation for probably even more news (including the Rise of Isengard launch, of course), next week:

  • Tobold is cross-referencing the “expert players” debate and Malcolm Gladwell, as he asks just where 10,000 hour experienced MMO players can now play“20 hours per week makes about 1,000 hours per year, or 10,000 hours in a decade. Thus among the veterans there are a lot of players who can be said to have mastered MMORPGs, but who are confined to games which are designed to be accessible to new players and people still far from mastery.”
  • Tzufit of Tree Heals Go Whoosh is in a contemplative mood, talking about how it is to live life on a low-population server“Have you ever lived in a very small town? You know the type – everyone knows everyone else’s name, and their business, and their drama. “
  • Syncaine of Hardcore Casual has a very brief thought on Hogger“Hogger is the definition of why an MMO is awesome.”
  • And Cynwise has another lengthy and fascinating commentary on the WoW PvP world as he tells us about the 20 vs 24 war“Social pressure is the strongest weapon the 20s have, and they are using it in spades. If you’re 24, you’re bad. That’s a constant message that I hear in forum posts.”

Looking forward to a ton of interesting posts next week!

All quotes taken directly from their respective posts.