Ragnaros Heroic mode quick-read tactics guide

The Heroic mode of the Ragnaros fight is massively complicated, and hard to condense to a simple bullet-point list as we’ve done with our other quick guides. This guide assumes that you’re familiar with the normal mode of this fight – you might find our Firelands quick-read tactics guide useful if you’re not.

Thanks to Kimano from the Reckoning guild on Lightninghoof-US for putting together this guide for us!

Phase 1

  • Stay at least 8-10 yards away from Magma Traps, otherwise Wrath of Ragnaros may knock you into the trap.
  • Tanks should tank-swap as soon as the Burning Wound debuff drops off the non-targeted tank.
  • Magma Traps now apply a 45sec debuff that increases damage from subsequent traps. Make sure you don’t have the debuff if you’re triggering a trap.
  • Ranged should run to the rear of the platform just before Sulfuras Smash. This will allow Magma Traps to drop in a sensible place.

First transition

The adds will spawn in random positions around the platform. Make sure you’ve pre-assigned who goes to which side based on the number of adds on each side: your raid leader should call this as soon as the fire spawn animations begin.

Phase 2

  • Molten Elementals will now provide a buff to other nearby Elementals. The buff makes them immune to CC(Crowd Control) and increases their damage. To counter this, everyone should stack at the far left of the platform until the Molten Seeds are launched. Move away as soon as that happens, then AoE-kite the adds across the platform.
  • The Engulfing Flames disappear almost as soon as they’re cast on heroic mode, but Ragnaros will cast them 3 or 4 times in rapid succession, so be ready to dodge.
  • A Sulfuras Smash will immediately follow Engulfing Flames. After that, group up on the closest outside circle and trigger the remaining Magma Traps from Phase 1.

Second transition

As with normal mode, the second transition is the same as the first, with the addition of Lava Scions. Any time you’re not actively killing a Son Of Flame add, you should be doing as much damage as you can to the Lava Scions.

Save the Son of Flame add that is furthest away until last, so you get as much damage done to the Lava Scions as you can. Kill the final Son of Flame when you have about 10secs remaining of the transition phase, then DPS the Lava Scions as hard as possible. If you have extra stuns, stun the Lava Scions to prevent extra blazing heat debuffs from going out, as they lower raid DPS.

Phase 3

This phase is an all-out DPS race to get Ragnaros to 10% before the third set of meteors spawn. As soon as Phase 3 begins, burn the remaining Lava Scions as quickly as possible, then split up.

Split the raid into two groups of approximately equal size. Group 1 should contain the tanks and one raid healer, with ranged DPS making up the rest of the group. Group 2 should contain all the melee DPS and the rest of the healers, with ranged DPS making up the rest of the group. Send one group to either side of the platform, as far out as you can get.

  • When the Living Meteor spawns, your goal is to continually ping-pong it between the two groups. Ideally, you want healers or melee dps to knock it back to avoid the debuff lowering your ranged DPS.
  • During this phase, Ragnaros will also continue to cast Engulfing Flames, so be ready to dodge it.

Once Ragnaros reaches 10% health, stop knocking back the meteors and kite them to the edges of the room, keeping them as far from the raid as possible.

Phase 4

At 10%, Ragnaros will become mobile, triggering an additional fourth phase for heroic mode only. He will apply a stacking debuff to everyone in the raid called Superheated. This ramps up quickly and must be kept as low as possible.

  • To counter Superheated, everyone should stack up on the spawned Breath of Frost patches as soon as they appear. This will reset your stack of Superheated. To make this more complicated, if there are ever 10 players within 6 yards of each other, Ragnaros will cast Geyser of Flame, which knocks back everyone nearby, and destroys any nearby breaths. To avoid this, split the raid into three equal-sized groups. Each group should stack at the very edge of the Breath of Frost (so the three stacked groups forming together form the points of a triangle).
  • Living Meteors will continue to roll around the platform. Assign a ranged DPS to knock back each meteor. If you’re targeted by a Living Meteor, leave the Breath of Frost patch and kite the meteor.
  • The only way to kill the meteors is to kite them into a Breath of Frost. Doing so will destroy the Breath of Frost as well, so only do so when you have a second Breath of Frost to run to.
  • When a Living Meteor hits a Breath of Frost, everyone should DPS the meteor.
  • Run to the next Breath once the meteor is destroyed, but keep in formation to avoid Geyser of Flame.
  • Tanks should kite Ragnaros into patches of Entrapping Roots as soon as Ragnaros begins casting Empower Sulfuras. Ragnaros can never be allowed to melee attack any player while this buff is active, so this will require two tanks alternately taunting.
  • Everyone should move out of the Breath of Frost if a Dreadflame spawns within it.

In addition to all that, you need to assign 3 raid members to handle Deluge and Dreadflame. Dreadflame is a small patch of fire that Ragnaros spawns in random locations, 6 at a time. These multiply themselves slowly, but if left unattended they will quickly devour the entire area. To combat this, 3 players will need to click on the Deluge Orb which will be spawned shortly after the first Breath of Frost. That will give them a buff that makes them immune to Superheated and Dreadflame damage, and causes them to extinguish any Dreamflame they come in contact with. These three players will spend the entirety of Phase 4 running around the platform trying to control Dreadflame.

Ragnaros spawns Dreadflame more rapidly over time. Eventually you will lose control. When that happens, each of your three groups shouls stack on one of the players with the Deluge buff.

If Empowered Sulfuras is being cast when Dreadflame has taken over the platform, one of the players with the Deluge buff will need to run out to taunt Ragnaros into an Entrapping Roots. The group that was stacked on that player will all die – that’s unavoidable.

Do you have tips for the Heroic Ragnaros fight? Have we missed any important points? Let us know in the comments.