Quick-read Baradin Hold tactics – just what you need to know

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If you’re looking for quick guide to Baradin Hold tactics, here’s our simple guide. You can skim through this before each fight to familiarize yourself with the essential strategy, or copy-and-paste it into a chat window for your fellow raiders.

Argaloth strategy

The raid should split into two equal groups (with one tank in each group).

  • Everyone should stack on their group’s tank.
  • Tanks should tank-swap when Argaloth casts Meteor Slash.
  • Healers should remove Consuming Darkness.
  • Run away when the boss casts Fel Firestorm. Keep moving until the cast is over. Stack back up again when it finishes.

Occu’thar strategy

  • Tanks should face the Occu’thar away from the raid. Tank-swap after Searing Shadows.
  • Everyone except tanks should spread out.
  • When the boss casts Eyes of Occu’thar, everyone should stack up immediately. AoE the Eyes ASAP. Spread out again once they’re dead.
  • Don’t stand in the void zone from Focused Fire.