Popular Cataclysm Enchants – and how they can make you lazy and rich

If you’re an enchanter, you may well have dipped your toe into the waters of selling enchants on the AH. It’s entirely possible that your toe subsequently got nipped by the Pirahnas of This Is Way More Complicated Than It Looks, too.

Fear not! There are rather easier ways to aquire cash in profusion using your enchanting. So, pick up your Runed Elementium Rod from where you threw it at the ground in despair, and let’s get to the money-making.

The principle

There are basically two approaches to selling enchants on the Auction House. The first is to sell everything you can, often using an addon like Trade Skill Master. By listing literally every enchant you can, you’ll sell the maximum number, but the cost in time and effort is high. Nonetheless, if you’re going for gold cap, this is the way to go.

However, if you’re a fair bit lazier, there’s an easier way. Rather than blanketing the AH with everything, simply target a few popular enchants, and keep them rolling out to keep the money rolling in. This is an application of the well-known “8020” rule – 80% of your profits on Enchanting will come from 20% of the items you list. You just need to know which ones.

This is absolutely not the best way to make maximum cash in WoW, by the way. If you regard the AH as a substantial part of the enjoyment of the game, or if you urgently need to make as much gold as possible, you’ll want to use the thorough route. However, it’s easily possible to make 100k or so using a less-thorough technique, and rather than spending an hour a day at it, you’ll spend 5 minutes.

The Enchants

So what are you looking for?

In short, we want enchants that do three things:

  • Sell regularly. This is vital. At the end of the day, what you’re almost certainly interested in is how much gold you make per week. An enchant that sells for 2k but only sells once a month will make you less money than one which sells for 99g, every day.
  • Have a high profit margin. Again, the amount an enchant sells for is not the important bit – what’s important is how much profit you make. It’s very easy to forget to track the cost of the materials, and end up busily selling something for 700g, then paying 750g for the materials to make another. (I have done this!)
  • Aren’t too competitive. Most of the really high-end enchants – Landslide, Windwalk, etc – are actually a bad bet to sell. They have very high prices, and so attract a lot of competition – and as a casual seller, you don’t want to be fighting intense competition.

Now, exactly which enchants fit those criteria will vary from server to server. YMMV, and it’s always worth researching through the Undermine Journal and selling on the AH yourself. However, all things being equal, we’d recommend starting with the following:

  • Enchant Bracer: SpeedNOT Greater Speed. Sells for 40-ish gold on many servers, for 2 Hypnotic Dust and one Lesser Celestial Essence.
  • Enchant Boots: Earthen Vitality – for only 2 Hypnotic Dust, this must-have enchant can sell very, very well. On many servers the price has crashed, but on some you can sell it for 30g or more.
  • Enchant Gloves: Greater Mastery – A go-to enchant for many classes, it’s fairly expensive to produce (2 Maelstrom Crystal, 12 Hypnotic Dust, 5 Greater Celestial), but sells for upward of 500g, and fast.
  • Enchant Cloak: Greater Intellect – Another must-have for all cloth classes, essentially. Not a “high-glamour” enchant, but with a good profit margin in many places – 350g or more for 9 Hypnotic Dust and 4 Greater Celestials.

Good luck!

Know any other must-have enchants to sell? Let us know below!