On The Pot: Quick-Read Raid Guides

So, we don’t usually link to our own guides during the day on the Pot (maybe we should). Then again, our guides don’t usually get more than 50 comments and several thousand views within a 24-hour period.

What’s causing this reaction? Our Quick-Read Cataclysm Raid Guides .

See, we’ve been in the following situation too many times: we’re in a PUG. We’re not on our mains. A boss is coming up and we need to know tactics. But the tank’s apparently on 15 cans of Red Bull and the two hunters’ only English vocabulary is “gogogogogo”.

I can speed-read, but still, getting the useful bits from a 3,000 word raid guide in the 35 seconds before someone Misdirect-pulls isn’t a fun experience.

So Johnnie and I went into a huddle and came up with the Quick-Read guides, because we figured we weren’t the only people who were having this kind of problem. They’re Cliff Notes for all Cata raids: 3-6 lines on each boss (except Heroic Rag), one page per raid, perfect for skim-reading between pulls or copy-pasting into chat.

We wrote ‘em. We stuck ‘em on Reddit to see what people think. An avalanche of traffic and a brief server crash later, we conclude that people kinda like them. And so, we present:

(Oh, there are quick-read dungeon tactics too)

Enjoy! If there are any problems in there, please do comment, and we’ll fix them. And if you find them useful, please do share them via Twitter, blog, Facebook or guild website – the guide market for WoW is kinda crowded, and no matter how enthusiastic people are about an idea, it’s hard to get it to them in the first place – every bit of help really, well, helps.

I hope they make your next PUG a less painful experience.